Workflow Automation · Januar 31st - February 4th

Workflow Automation continues to be one of the hottest topics in the printing industry. This webinar focuses on the workflow from marketing automation to workflow automation to robots and logistics systems. Here the users will learn from suppliers, customers, and specialists. The sessions will - as usual be edited into sep. episodes afterward.

Web-to-Print · March 7th - March 11th

The pandemic taught us the need to sell products and services online. What is the current status of web-to-print? Why do some PSPs still not have web-to-print? What are the obstacles? And what will it take to convince more PSPs that it's time to invest.

Inkjet · April 25th - April 29th

Inkjet is one of the hottest topics in the global printing industry. In this exciting Learn With Us webinar, we will look into the equipment - the nifty details that make the difference, the fundamental differences in the technologies offered. We will also look into the operational cost of running a printing company with inkjet and, of course, learn about the software feeding the beasts, the finishing, and the finished applications!

Sales & Marketing · August 15th - August 19th

The essential thing in any business is often the most challenging part. We focus on how to market and sell your products and services in this Learn With Us webinar. Understand what customers want, learn the tools, find out how to employ the right people, match them with the right customers, and more. Learn With Us will give you an insight from buyers and sellers, and you will get perspectives for endless inspiration!

Financing · September 5th - September 9th

At this Learn With Us event, the focus is on financing. We will, during the week, look into the financing of real estate, equipment, refinancing of debt, the pitfalls of leasing, and the differences between the various ways of investing in and using technology. We will look into subscriptions vs. acquisitions, how the banks look at the printing industry, and how you can navigate your finances better.

Pricing · October 3rd - October 7th

Do you find pricing a challenge? Are you confident that you maximize your potential profit with most of your sales? Do you believe that there is only ONE right price? Do you find the competition tough? These questions and many more will be answered during the week. Maybe this week will give you a new view of your prices - and who knows, help you optimize your earnings!

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Tue September 21st

The peak performance pr...

INKISH covers the event, and can't wait to meet the industry is this maybe first physical event in Europe :-)

Mon September 20th

“pulp friction” the pri...

“Pulp friction” the shortage of paper pulp

The hard work introduci...

Both companies will need to survive the judgment from the market and their future products

Sat September 18th

Great animations & cust...

Compliments to Müller Martini for the effort put into the event. The videos and the 3D animations are great!

Fri September 17th

There’s good news on th...

What The Papers Say · Week of September 13th · By Nessan Cleary

Inkjet test platform

The Inkjet Test Platform is designed to test different print components and materials used in a digital inkjet system

Thu September 16th

A hero or a villain?

Sheikh Ahmed Yamani played an unparalleled role in events 45 years ago that inadvertently rocked and changed the printing industry forever.

Tue September 14th

Hybrid software deliver...

I find the Hybrid presentations great (except for the music), and having easy access without too much hassle is great!

Mon September 13th

Recruitment problems in...

And then I met Rita....

Design'n'buy launches t...

Keeping up as the leading online web-to-print solution provider, Design’N’Buy is proud to announce the launch of the new version of its All-...