Investing in new technology is a significant thing for most PSPs. When changing to entirely new technology, the challenge can be even more critical. Where do PSPs find the answers? Where do PSPs find sources that deliver more insight? INKISH now offers unparalleled support in an entirely new way of addressing the needs in the print market.

On-Demand has been the mantra for the printing industry for decades - with INKISH.ANSWERS we offer an almost on-demand production of answers. It all starts with a poll identifying the challenges. Our hosts will use the vote to find answers from vendors, specialists, influencers, and existing customers.

The advantage for the industry is significant. PSPs get answers to specific questions and considerations from numerous vendors, specialists, and existing customers. The answers will eliminate obstacles and open opportunities for vendors and PSPs.

'Answers' is a new service from INKISH bridging technology, business, and specific questions, answered by the best in the industry. Your products specialists, salespeople, marketing - anybody in your organization can participate in the new platform.

'INKISH.ANSWERS' is a subscription-based platform where vendors, for €1,000 per month (or €10,000 a year), get access to almost everything*. Every month we will do interviews about the topics raised by users, and there are no limits. Add Youtube/Vimeo content to your "channel" (will be reviewed). We offer a new opportunity about the business challenges rather than the products or technical challenges.

*Users must be registered to use INKISH.ANSWERS, but we don't share any data about users/companies. We do, however, share anonymous user statistics and information about demography, etc.

See examples of the platform below:

Maybe you consider investing in Inkjet technology? Perhaps you have concerns you need to uncover before taking the next step? Let us know what you find the biggest challenge for you by clicking one of the below topics? You will only have to do this one time!

Below you can see what others consider the biggest challenge. Click any of the topics to get answers - not only from vendors but also from fellow PSPs and industry specialists.

'Answers' are free to use for registered users. With your registration, we learn whether you are a vendor, media, or printer. We will understand where you are located and what segments you serve. We never share your data!

Business Model is an exciting topic. Choosing this as a challenge could be because Inkjet introduces new business models, new opportunities, and new things to consider before investing. Find inspiration below.

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