Great Animations & Customer Testimonials at µÜLLER MARTINI

By Editor Morten B. Reitoft 

The by far biggest exhibitor at Printing-Expo.online is Müller Martini, so today, we are looking into what they offer at the event! Müller Martini was one of the first exhibitors to sign up for the Printing-Expo.online exhibition. They have spent time making the booth resemble the look of something real - so does it also resemble the feeling?

And to that, I would say no, but that is mainly because exhibiting virtually IS different from a real show. When you navigate to the Müller Martini booth, you have to click quite a few pages to get to the showroom, and you even have to click through the Auditorium to get to the demo room. That I later realized isn't true, but here I got confused since the demo room is also referred to as the Machine Hall - so that confused me - sorry! Suppose you are interested in an overview of the booth or dig into Müller Martini's Connex workflow/automation software. In that case, you get to what you need easily, but, and maybe I am wrong, I want to see machines, so for me, it would be great to have direct access to the demo room - even from the lobby area :-)

When you enter the demo room, you enter a hall with loads of space and very nicely 3D models of the Müller Martini machines on display. The navigation is pretty easy - and though it could be more fun to see machines running, like at a physical event, clicking on the machines and getting access to videos, animations, and literature gives you a quite good insight into the equipment. You can quickly access the equipment in the demo center by clicking on the "Click to view machine list" signs, which directly access either a specific machine or a specific binding solution. Everything is easy and accessible, and as I have mentioned in the previous articles from Printing-Expo.online nice to have everything accessible - but. And there is a but.

Having a show that runs 24/7/365 demands frequent updates or at least some kind of guidance to what's NEW. And if nothing is new from your last visit, you will to some extend feel that you are looking for something new and after a short time feel that you waste your time.

I will compliment Müller Martini for the effort put into the event. The videos and, in particular, the 3D animations show how the equipment works in detail. On some product pages, you even get testimonials from happy customers. These are good and informative, and to be honest, they give Müller Martini a lot of credibility, in my opinion.

When I, i.e., watched the testimonial video from both PrintOnDemand and Bonacia, both testimonials focused not only on the products and the collaboration with Müller Martini, but also the efficiency gain the investments have delivered!

If you are already familiar with Müller Martini, the Printing-Expo.online would probably not give you that much new information. However, for those interested in getting an overview and some pretty detailed videos about the technology, I am confident that visiting Müller Martini is worth your time.

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