Why not help shape & rethink the future of the printing industry? 


An international event of VIGC, in collaboration with EY, Intergraf, the industry partnership Agoria-Sirris-Vlaio and supported by KVGO - Grakom - Association of estonian printing and packaging industry.

What is it? 

A hackathon is strictly speaking a design sprint event – often based on software development – where people in small teams work together on software projects. The goal is to deliver a software or hardware proof of concept at the end of the event. 

VIGC's approach to this concept is somewhat different so to be relevant to the broad graphic sector. They are looking for teams or individuals who work together for 2 days on a challenge that can lead to an innovative solution for the graphics sector, company or supplier. This can range from new market approaches or business models to new products or services, and yes it may also be software or hardware related. 

Why participate? 

Meeting people from different backgrounds from all over Europe, being creative and hands-on with innovation for two days and being able to link this to a fun experience while getting international visibility, that's what this Hackathon is really all about.

Under the guidance of Mentors and Experts (professionals with different specialties from our industry) and with tips from the organizing committee, the participating teams will work on a challenge of their own choosing. It is an intensive but above all enriching process that should result in a minimum viable product at the end of day two. Teams can be composed of production companies, suppliers, students and trade unions. Due to the virtual nature, the teams can be assembled variously and location independently. The best results are achieved when participants from different backgrounds and specialties unite in an occasional team. 

At the end of the Hackathon, each team result is presented to a jury that then awards the most meritorious projects. 

Are you ready to (re)shape the future of the printing industry?

If so, this hackathon will take place completely virtually. The winners will be invited to The Congress on 9 November at Lamot in Mechelen - Belgium.

Depending on where the winner is located, this can be done physically or virtually. The language used during the hackathon is English, the projects must also be submitted in English. Mutual communication within a team is of course possible in your own mother tongue. 

What / When / Where? 

Pre-event participants 2: 6 October '21 – 13h - 14h.

Hackathon day 1: 25 October '21 – 9h - 24h 

Hackathon day 2: 26 October '21 – 8h - 16h 

Hackathon award ceremony: 29 October '21 – 15h - 16h 

Congress: 9 November '21 – 14h – 23h

If you are looking for an opportunity to challenge the traditional, create new products and services, and collaborate across borders, you can still register for free NOW and become part of a vibrant hacking community that is shaping the future of print and design!

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