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CloudLab Americas Releases New White Paper: 

The Adoption of Web to Print Technology 

in Offset and Hybrid (Offset & Digital) Printing Environments 

Free comprehensive publication examines the origin, statistics and untapped revenue opportunities of web to print, while shattering common misperceptions 

NEWHAVEN, CT, June 13, 2022 – Leading North American software developer CloudLab Americas, creators of packQ and printQ web to print solutions, with over 300 installations in 25 countries worldwide, has released a complimentary 15-page white paper. The new study examines the fascinating origins and birth of web to print (W2P) technology and reveals how printers can cut costs and add new revenue streams – while also capitalizing on the lucrative print-embellishment market, and the explosive small-parcel packaging market in particular. It also presents statistics on web to print’s growing popularity – reflecting why today’s successful print shops (both offset, digital and hybrid) have moved well beyond their employees processing all orders by deploying a customer-friendly online storefront. 


“For whatever reasons, offset printers have been slow to adopt modern web to print technology, while their digital counterparts have embraced it and are currently reaping its many rewards,” said Steven Antoni, President of CloudLab Americas, headquartered in Newhaven, Connecticut. “The simple fact is that offset and even hybrid printing companies are leaving millions of dollars in revenue on the table by not taking full advantage of modern web to print technology – especially when adoption is so easy. It’s likely that the hype around digital advancements has obscured the fact that the technology is also a significant cost reducer and profit-builder for offset printers as well.” 

The new white paper answers some of the most common concerns offset shops have regarding web to print adoption, shattering some major myths in the process. Antoni also pointed out that offset and hybrid shops have a clear advantage over other web to print users because they know the intricacies of printing inside out. “Imagine what you could do, as printing experts, with technology that automates your entire purchasing process from start to finish. It would be like having an unsalaried salesperson available 24/7,” he added. 

The Adoption of Web to Print Technology in Offset and Hybrid (Offset & Digital) Printing Environments outlines the benefits of W2P for both printers and their customers. CloudLab Americas is especially strong in the packaging sector with software built from the ground up specifically for folding carton, corrugated, labels and flexible packaging. “We’re one of the few companies that fully understands the complexities of packaging and package design. Plus, packQ web to pack software includes easy-to-use features and tools, some exclusive to CloudLab, and some powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, Antoni added.  

Any designer, from professional to novice, can create precise and flawless print-ready PDFs. Users can design in real time by using a 3D 360º rotating canvas, while novice designers can choose from a huge array of design templates and be guided every step of the way.  

CloudLab’s software also integrates seamlessly with a print shop’s existing systems and production workflows – including MIS (Management Information System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payroll, fulfillment, and more. 

Download CloudLab Americas’ free White Paper: The Adoption of Web to Print Technology in Offset and Hybrid (Offset & Digital) Printing Environments at webtopackQ.com/resources.  

About CloudLab Americas  

CloudLab Americas helps printers sell more print online and get paid faster. Our web to print and web to pack expertise will help you grab your share of the $30 billion online print market with technology that intuitively walks your customers through the buying journey and makes checking out quick and easy. 

packQ web to pack helps you grow and scale your business to reach an audience that likes to shop with their keyboard. Indulge them. Give them a 24/7 eCommerce experience worth coming back for. Plus, you can save time and money by running a lights-out operation; choosing from a shopping list of features paying only for the ones you need; and taking your templates and customization with you when you switch vendors.     

More than 300 customers in 25 countries rely on CloudLab to help them sell more print online. The company was founded in 2013 with operations in Germany, Romania and the USA. CloudLab Americas, a fully-owned subsidiary of CloudLab, is headquartered in Newhaven, Connecticut.  Visit: webtopackQ.com.   

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Media Contact: 

Joanne Gore                                                                                Steve Antoni  

Joanne Gore Communications                                                    President, CloudLab Americas

pr@joannegorecommunications.com                                          sa@cloudlab-solutions.com

+1.416.543.7951                                                                         +1.475.261.9662 

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