Your INKISH team has arrived in Lyon, and if any expected warm weather, it certainly wasn't today. But the lack of warm weather is fully compensated with a busy C!Print event at the Euroexpo center in the suburb of Lyon. C!Print is the biggest tradeshow in France and celebrates its tenth show in 2023 - and already at the entrance, expectations are set. Many people are already lined up for the opening at 9:30, and so are we!

INKISH is all in for the event, and we are represented by Jacques Michiels, who speaks Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and German. I am Morten B. Reitoft, and I only speak English, German, and the Scandinavian languages - but here, only English is so-so important.

To film and edit the interviews we are planning today and tomorrow are our great and hard-working filmers/editors Jan Majnik and Ziga Kovac.

Last but not least is our CEO Henrik Klem Lassen, who takes the opportunity to meet the French industry - and that is ONE of the reasons why we are here. France is a vast and important European market, but we don't have much presence here, so we decided some time ago to make more films in French (with English subtitles) and work our way into the French-speaking market. And here we are. Thousands of people are expected, and with 260 exhibitors, there is a lot to see. Some booths are tiny and not so well designed, to be honest, but many of the exhibitors have put a great deal of work into the look and feel - and to be honest - we are in a visual industry that needs to show off from time to time. Exhibitions are great for that :-)

At C!Print, you find a mix of everything. You find wrapping competitions, you see global brands, you see international brands presented by their distributors/agents, you see substrates, paper, and machines, and you see PSPs. Or, to be more precise, you see some huge online printers that either market their products directly to consumers or the tremendous reseller market you see in all countries.

The first interview I did was with Ludovic Martin, who has become an internationally recognized consultant, writer, and source of information regarding web-to-print; also very present at C!Print, with local and international web-to-print companies showing their solutions.

One of the things I like about tradeshows like C!Print is the stages where you can learn from the specialists but also "just" sit down and listen to more generic conversations about topics of interest.

When covering shows, the limitations of how many people and companies you can talk to are limiting. We want to give you a taste of the event, the emotions, the smells, the senses, and all the things that make a tradeshow a tradeshow.

We have started several exciting interviews and will present a world premiere from C.P. Bourg soon. So check in with INKISH frequently or via LinkedIn to get the newest and the latest from us :-)

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