By Editor Morten B. Reitoft 

A few days ago, a podcast by Sonja Piontek was published on her channels on LinkedIn, and today I got the chance to listen to the German language conversation with Marco Corvi from Benpac. Sonja Piontek is an award-winning podcaster and speaker, but she isn't trying to be an independent journalist researching her customers' self-promotion. So listening to her endless appreciation of Marco Corvi's extraordinary personal and business achievements was quite a pain. Listening to the one hour and twenty minutes podcast was seriously a damn boring podcast and, at the same time, fantastic listening to it since it sounds like Corvi believes in the story himself.

Sonja Piontek and Marco Corvi talk about Corvi as a genius entrepreneur with endless successful ventures behind him. They talk about Corvi as a super-human with an infinite surplus upbringing five children, a gardening person, a music person, a cooking person, and a person with a surplus to almost everybody.

Listening to the endless innovations Corvi's companies have done, from medical devices to saving the environment, you almost want to believe him. You try hard to forget all the people and companies who didn't get their salaries, payments, overwork, and pensions. And listening to Corvi explaining how good he is - you almost forget the letters he sent to his employees during the past years where he blamed everybody, letting everybody know they are to blame. It's the employee's and the media's fault that he has been in turbulence. It has nothing to do with his more than twenty-thirty - I can't remember the counts of bankruptcies. Or the unpaid lawyers invoice from NYC of tenths of thousands of dollars or - and yes, I can continue.
I must admit it was a pain listening to Sonja Piontek, and I hope she has already been paid before publishing this podcast. If Corvi had kidnaped Sonja Piontek, she could have been found suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Whether she is unaware or doesn't care about the people who have suffered working in a company under Corvi's endless unsuccessful failures, I don't know, but those listening to it must think, WHAT!?

She is apparently not very interested, considering that Marco Corvi and Benpac have been covered intensively by INKISH.NEWS and Luzerner Zeitung by Christopher Gilb. He won a prestigious award for his papers uncovering Corvi's business methods. Apparently, she doesn't think that her appreciation of a person like Corvi can sound a bit hollow for the people who were asked by the police to leave the HQ of Benpac because of unpaid rent?

Listening to a podcast like this is a 100% waste of time. Once again proves that the world needs unbiased journalism uncovering the truth when needed. Benpac is NOT a big company. It's NOT a company that invents any revolutionary products. They have seven employees on LinkedIn and have lied numerous times about its size. For example, claiming to be a 3,650-person company with a revenue of 700 million CHF and bragging about acquiring Gallus in a cash deal with no banks involved is only scratching the surface.

So why do I write this article and point people to a long, endless, faulty podcast made by two people who have exchanged money (let's hope for Sonja Piontek)? For that exact reason!

INKISH has followed this so-called venture for so long now that nothing can surprise us anymore, but for companies being contacted by Corvi or reaching out to him, we have this advice:

1) Ask for a consolidated and audited report/balance sheet about Benpac.
2) If you agree to do business - ask for guarantees or all money upfront.
3) Ask for references.

Read all the articles you can find about Marco Corvi and Benpac, and then cross your fingers that the deal you are about to do is as good as promised.

Approximately a month before the podcast was published, Benpac posted on LinkedIn an opportunity to ask Marco Corvi "anything." No questions from the audience were answered during the podcast, so either nobody asked anything, or it didn't fit the narrative. Podcasts by famous podcasters have become popular as you can do other things while listening. This podcast is, however, as low as it gets, as the conversation between Sonja Piontek and Marco Corvi is SOOOOOO boring, and does it change my perspective of Corvi?

Absolutely no, and I hope he won't trick more companies into doing business with him unless he changes his attitude. And by the way, Mr. Corvi, We have offered you several interviews on INKISH, so you are not open as you imply in your self-promoting paid-for podcast - just saying!

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