print.de and INKISH.TV has announced an exciting cooperation for the printing industry: In the future, numerous videos from INKISH.TV will also be available on the print.de trade portal. Learn more about the details of this cooperation.    

While INKISH.TV has become the most important international video service provider for the global printing industry in recent years Deutscher Drucker and its online brand print.de have been steadily expanding their digital portfolio and considerably increasing their reach in German-speaking countries. This year, print.de has reached new highs (June 2023: 519,958 page impressions, IVW-verified). 

"So what could be more obvious than to combine the strengths of the most important trade portal in the German-speaking printing industry with those of the most important video channel in the print industry?"

Bernhard Niemela

Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of print.de

 Morten B. Reitoft and his team create highly professional videos about people, events, companies, economic aspects, and technologies in the printing industry. From now on, www.INKISH.TV customers can benefit from an attractive coverage package in German-speaking countries. 

The video in question will not only be prominently featured on the print.de homepage. Still, it will be teased in the newsletter and available in the media library for twelve months.    

More information on reach packages in German-speaking countries:  
Morten B. Reitoft, Editor-in-Chief of INKISH.TV: mre@inkish.tv  
Bernhard Niemela, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of print.de: b.niemela@print.de 

Link to German language article on print.de.

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