Digital business models are providing new impetus in mechanical engineering

Printing industry already a leader in digital transformation driven by subscription solutions

As already at the 1st Subscription Leaders Summit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in mid-October 2019, the subject of subscription solutions as a driver of innovation will also be the focus of attention at the Maschinenbauforum 2019 (Engineering Forum) in Pforzheim, Germany. The four-day event from 12 to 15 November 2019 wass well attended with over 200 participants and top-class speakers. 

It kicked off with contributions and discussions on trends in digital business models and the impact on after-sales service. It turned out that the German key industry of mechanical engineering does not need to hide in digitization issues. 

Industry in transition 

Fact is: In more and more manufacturing companies in the industry, the hardware moves into the background; on the other hand, smart services become a unique selling proposition. No wonder, then, that the organizers of the Engineering Forum dedicated two days to the important topic of "after-sales service", in order to illustrate how more and more digital, value-based business models are prevailing. 

 As a key factor for a successful future, some of the speakers consider the convergence of marketing, sales, and service. Dr. David Schmedding, Head of Customer Segment Management & Subscription Business at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, made the following key statements in his lecture "From Predictive Monitoring to Pay per Use – When the number of printed sheets counts"

  1. "Big data is the key to monetizing customer productivity." 
  2. "We [at Heidelberg] have already completed around 60 subscription contracts in twelve countries; there are already 30 newly installed machines in production." 
  3. "We want to further develop our subscription offer into an ecosystem for the industry."