You can choose to invest blindly in people, in technology, and the market. Still, with a strategy, you will develop your ideas into a framework that will enable you to make better decisions - not only in the short term but also with a much broader perspective.

In the "Learn With Us" session, Mark Hinder from Ricoh Europe guides you through some of the business factors you have to consider before investing. Obviously, Mark Hinder will wear his Ricoh Europe hat, but the intention is to give you a solid understanding of the processes that lead you to the right decision.

When you are investing in hardware- and software, you will always have to consider the risk. The more you know, the safer the investment is, so with this in mind you can draw a graph helping you.

Many printing companies, of course, know the right questions to ask, but if you believe you can refresh your skills - this session is for you.

Mark Hinder will be LIVE on INKISH.TV, Monday, May 25th 13:15 CET.

The session is expected to take around 30 minutes incl. the introduction, presentation, and Q&A.”