Never before in history has there been such a focus on the environment. One of the biggest sinners in that story is CO2. CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas that in itself is harmless but unfortunately, have an isolating effect. When the sun's heat reaches the earth, the reflection bounces back, and the result is global warming.
The effect of global warming is melting poles with increased water levels and a huge influence on the globes climate system. Nobody questions the fact that the climate is changing. Some, however, continues to challenge whether it's human-made or natural, that discussion continues to divide people since regardless, the climate changes are affecting our lives on earth.
CO2 is, as already mentioned, a totally hundred per cent natural process, and the fact that we breath emits CO2. Burning fossil fuels, like oil, produce CO2, and with increasing traffic, consumption, waste, and more, costs on the CO2 balance sheet, so we as an industry need to contribute to a reduction of CO2 on par with all other industries.
Grakom - The Federation of Printers in Denmark, already many years ago started the development of a tool called Climatecalc. The tool uses a lot of data to help printing companies calculating the actual carbon footprint for the entire company and therefore also possible to calculate every print job.
With expected higher taxation on energy consumption this, of course, delivers two great outputs - one is you get an idea about your company's CO2 footprint, and therefore can figure out what to do, to decrease your emissions and energy consumptions. The other thing is your client's options to see their CO2 footprint, but also to buy CO2 Quotes to, i.e. offset their carbon footprint.
ClimateCalc is the maybe most comprehensive tool on the market, and printing companies across Europe uses ClimateCalc to support also their customer's environmental profile.
In "Learn with Us" Per Kaae Hansen from Grakom will give you a way better insight into what ClimateCalc can do. Join the session Tuesday, May 26th at 12:30 CET and get to know more.