In our 'Learn with Us' week starting May 25th we give you 20+ lessons of education. We have asked sponsors to use their skilled specialists to teach our viewers in a LIVE-session that takes place daily from 11 to 14 CET. We have specifically asked our sponsors not to talk about their products only, but also to give you knowledge that in broader terms can, well broaden your horizon.

Monday May 25th
Price calculations, Sales prices, Social Media, and Strategy.

Tuesday May 26th
Market, Environment, Carbon Footprint, IoT

Wednesday May 27th
Automation, Smart Templates, Web-to-Print, Colors

Thursday May 28th
Sales, Digital Finishing x 2, and Web-to-Print

Friday May 29th
Inkjet, Workflow & Production Automation, Outsourcing

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Learn with is us supported by:
HP Graphic Arts · PrintVis · Grakom · Canon EMEA · TECNAU · Hunkeler AG · Intergraf · Horizon International Inc. · Ricoh Europe · CHILI publish · Highcon · Vpress · Enfocus · Spot-Nordic · print24 and Infigo Software Limited

We have tried to develop a school schedule that covers everything from sales, marketing, strategy, technologies, and everything in between - but see the schematics below.

After three weeks with our Over the Skype sessions with more than 50 interviews, we believe it's time to "learn."

You can, of course, ask when is the right time to learn and to be honest. It's always the right time to learn since to learn should be part of all of our daily lives. With coronavirus, and obviously, still many people working from home, we believe the timing is excellent.

The lessons announced below are subjects to change, and during next week you will be able to see who is delivering the lessons. Everything is free and in English. We ARE also planning 'Learn with Us' in Swedish, German, and Spanish. When, and if, will be announced shortly.

This is a new initiative from INKISH, so we, of course, hope you will support the event by tuning into INKISH not only to support our initiative but more importantly to learn.