Social Media has become an indispensable part of almost all of our lives. We love Social Media. We hate Social Media. But the significant platforms have in a decade changed the way we communicate, how we interact with each other. Social Media is personal, and it's business. In the early days, I believe companies differentiated their communication to, i.e., LinkedIn vs Facebook, whether it was a personal message or a business message. 

Social Media today is an integrated part of our life, and companies differentiate less, whether the communication is personal or business. It's more a question of when a person is accessible.

Today you can't imagine having a company without thinking Social Media into your communication, and the tools are for sure useful, but also sometimes pushing boundaries to acceptable. When Social Media is abused in elections, pushing information, and news, that isn't true; we start not to trust what we see. We begin to cancel our subscriptions of the various services we have subscribed to for you years.

All above you, of course, know. However, in one of our 'Learn With Us' sessions on Monday, May 25th at 12:30 CET, I am quite convinced that our very own Andreas Weber from INKISH DACH can deliver insights that can make your use of Social Media even smarter.