With the European Union (EU) environmental legislation makes a lot of sense since emissions typically don't know much about borders :-) 

When all the member-states subscribe to the same legislation, it is a huge advantage for the companies in Europe, since it effectively ensures fair competition. The European umbrella organization for the print federations in EU + Norway and the UK, Intergraf is registered as a lobbyist, and therefore seek influence when legislation relating to the printing industry is on the table.
In a recent interview with Secretary-General Beatrice Klose, she explains how Intergraf works, how the legislative process is, and some of the changes that Intergraf can take credit for. GDPR is one of the examples where Intergraf played a major role on behalf of the European printing industry.

Obviously, the environment is an important agenda to be part of, and Intergraf again has plaid a role, that will be explained by Policy Advisor Laetitia Reynaud in her 'Learn With Us' session Tuesday, May 26th at 11:45.