INKISH proudly announces that Yves d'Aviau de Ternay is now heading INKISH France. The French printing market is one of the largest markets in the global printing industry. As part of the INKISH strategy aiming to be both global and local, the INKISH France franchise is significant.

Yves d'Aviau de Ternay has an extensive background and knowledge and will bring INKISH, not only to the French-speaking market but also to bring French companies to the world via the INKISH network.

"I am particularly happy with this partnership," Editor and CEO Morten Reitoft express, "since Yves d'Aviau de Ternay has the knowledge, the integrity, and the professionalism, that we believe the industry needs to grow." Yves d'Aviau de Ternay continues, "I have been following INKISH for some time, and believe the printing industry in France, also need a channel like INKISH, but in French."

The French printing industry consists of thousands of printing companies from packaging to commercial print - and with hundreds of innovative companies. "A very important part of the INKISH DNA is to inspire other printers by showing examples of companies who are doing a great job," Morten Reitoft explains. "I believe INKISH will be an asset for French printing companies, where they can learn from printing companies in other countries." Yves d'Aviau de Ternay explains and continues, "and many of the existing films will be delivered with French subtitles to support this mission."

INKISH France will be part of the group that today consists of franchises in Brasil, Mexico, India, Italy, Germany, and Sweden.

For further information, feel free to reach out to:

Yves d'Aviau de Ternay


Morten B. Reitoft