We believe in storytelling, and we believe the voice of your customers represents you the best. With INKISH Perspective film, we deliver sponsored and editorial content in a journalistic narrative. We call this for 'Perspective,' since your customer's market, business problems, at some point, leads to a decision to invest. What were the considerations, what became the solution, and how has the solution taken your customer from one position to the next in the market?

INKISH delivers the full story. We film this in the best-in-class technical quality, and we publish the film on INKISH.TV with English transcription, and subtitles in German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and more languages on demand.

Price is €5.000 + travel/hotel/accommodation for two people.

Read more about our editorial principles.

See examples of Perspective films below:

Command Digital
Schätzl Print+Emotion
Bennett Graphics
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