In the week June 22nd to June 26th, we originally wanted to do a web-to-compare week where vendors could "battle" against each other. We thought it could be an excellent way for our audience to review various web-to-print solutions comparatively - but only a few either had the time, the money, or the braveness to participate.

Maybe, even the word "battle" scared some, and we should perhaps use words that better explain the intention - since there are many solutions in the market, and we are confident that all solutions are developed cautiously and with a specific audience in mind.

However - the week we are now entering will be a joyful week with loads of information.

Among the things, we will write about is the business side of web-to-print. We will also touch upon the different approaches you can have for a web-presence, and, of course, also some practical input to what to look into before investing.

Hopefully also during the week, we will map the solutions available - some we know, some you know, and maybe some vendors will also contribute to their existence. Everybody can join us this week. Content is purely editorial and consists of films from the archives and freshly written and filmed content.

I am looking forward to meeting you online during the week!
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