Web-to-Print has many different names but essentially covers the same - online ordering, design, or even broader sense, an online-transaction. Another reason for a broad definition is because web-to-print also is about new business models.

How the solutions are used, vary from simple storefronts to complex business models where web-to-print is an integrated part of the entire production workflow, transaction, and even the product. Some web-to-print solutions are used for public storefronts; others are mainly for private stores. We will try to cover the various solutions during the week.

Web-to-Print is about expanding your market potential, but also about being more cost-efficient in your sales and handling of orders - or at least that is what most expect. Hopefully, during the week, we will also cover how to get the best result out of your investment.

We will also discuss features like how to add a product, how to integrate with other solutions, how prices are managed, and other things that we believe are important in your judgment of what solution to choose.

We have a great program, and keep checking back to INKISH.NEWS and INKISH.TV to see the latest updates.


B-to-B vs B-to-C
Business Models
Homegrown vs. Commercial solutions
The future of web-to-print