Today most business transactions are already online. Ordering everything from hotel bookings, flights to bank transactions, ordering consumables for your business, etc. online is normal. Still, quite a few printing companies have not invested in web-to-print.

Your business will, of course, not be better because you invest in a web-to-print solution. Your consideration, however, should be focusing on meeting your clients where they are. If they are online, you should, for sure, be online too.

Some printing companies believe that their products are too complex to be handled online. For some products, this is probably true, but that doesn't mean you can't sell online. If you think that a web-to-print solution is only like the store-fronts, you know from the large online-printers, I understand why you may think so. A considerable part of the web-to-print business is managed in private B-to-B shops. Here the shop is used to give your customer easy access to offers, re-ordering of previously produced jobs, quotations, purchasing history, and many other options.

Another general misunderstanding is that customers demand web-to-print. Neither consumers nor businesses demand web-to-print and online ordering. Customers, first and foremost, need print. Secondly, they want accessibility, transparency, and the option to order when they have the time, not when your staff has time to answer phones and emails. This is a very important thing to have in mind since this will guide you in what web-to-print solution you should choose.

So what do customers want? That depends. Are they young, old, experienced, do they speak the same language, etc.?

The answers may guide you in the direction of a solution capable of handling more of your needs or guide you in the direction of simplifying your version one online presence.

It may also tell you that your customers are so diverse that a one-solution-fits-all seems impossible?