Many customers believe that web-to-print and eCommerce equal low prices and for a good reason. With shops online, price comparisons are easier than ever. You even find websites that, with their robots, compare prices across multiple sites. Druckpreis.de in Germany is no different from travel sites like, i.e., Expedia. Prices have become an essential aspect of your online presence, and you, therefore, have to consider what you sell, what service-level you offer, and how you will differentiate your shop from all others in the market. 

When the online printers have focused so much on prices, we believe it's because the online printers initially took print jobs away from the conventional printers. Second, they can only be profitable with low prices if they have the volume to produce efficiently. Today the online printers have almost the same products, but prices are quite different.

Let's take some examples:A4 135g Matt Coated · 16 pages · 1.000 copies · 4+4 · Saddle Stitched.

WMD: 273,65€
FlyerDevil: 294,95€
FlyerAlarm: 311,43€
OnlinePrinters: 250,58€
SaxoPrint: 243,06€
Rainbowprint: 241,71€
Helloprint: 331,99€

Prices searched June 22nd, 2020, on each of the above companies' respective websites. All prices are ex. shipping ex. VAT.
From the lowest to the highest price, the difference is close to 30%.

Web-to-Print, however, doesn't have anything to do with low prices. To get the most out of your investment, you have to see web-to-print merely as a platform. It's an enabler like so many other enablers you have in your company. 

All prices in your company are related to the perceived value of your service and the money paid. That's why some customers are willing to pay different prices for similar products, and that's why you also find it fair to charge different prices. Customers often choose to change PSP when they believe there is a misbalance between service and money paid.

With that in mind, your web-to-print solution supports you selling more expensive products. Of course, design and user experience have to be aligned with your service. 

Almost all web-to-print solutions deliver both a public storefront as well as corporate/private shops, so most will support your strategy regardless.
In a later chapter, we will look at the competitive situation, and how you can sell/compete in a very crowded online market.