Sell and buy your used equipment on the new grafkom market

The industry network Grafkom is presenting Grafkom Market – a market place for graphic equipment and consumables.

Grafkom is proud to announce the launch of Grafkom Market – a new, graphic market place for secondhand equipment and consumables in Northern Europe. 

 –> You find Grafkom market at grafkom.io/market.

Grafkom Market will reach the entire Grafkom network in the Nordics and the Baltics consisting of approximately 10,000 print professionals. 

«There are today several independent brokers selling secondhand machines and equipment, both in our region and across Europe. But they do not have the channels to reach potential buyers with their ads. Grafkom can fill that gap for current brokers but also give printing companies the opportunity to sell machines and consumables directly.» says Magnus Thorkildsen, partner at Grafkom. 

«We believe Grafkom Market has the potential to become THE market place for all printers and graphic companies across Norhtern Europe» 

Grafkom Market will not only be a market place for machines and large installations, it is also the place to market paper and other consumables. 

«More or less all printing companies have equipment and consumables that are currently not needed for production. Why not pocket some money by selling the stuff to a colleague?» Thorkildsen says. 

All ads will be marketed towards Grafkom’s mailing list of 10,000 print professionals in Northern Europe and through four different news letters in the Nordic region. 

About Grafkom:

Grafkom is a network for the graphic industry in the Nordic and Baltic region. We are hosting events, seminars and workshops in which printing and publishing companies come together for knowledge sharing, to do business and network. Our newsletters reach industry professionals in all countries in northern Europe. Our members come from all corners of the industry, from family-owned small firms to big global players and everything in between, like offset- and digital printers, copy shops, inhouse printers, suppliers, schools, print brokers and print buyers.