Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) is among the most important European countries in the printing industry with many printing companies and many essential vendors hosting their HQ. Jacques Michiels has an extensive background in the printing industry for more than 25 years, as both entrepreneur in the printing industry and as a consultant. "We are very pleased being represented by Jacques Michiels," Morten Reitoft says, and continues, "the knowledge he has about both the technical side and the business side of the printing industry and the graphic industry in general is an important and significant asset to us."

Local partners are an essential part of the global strategy INKISH announced last August. “I have followed INKISH for some time, and I believe strong stories and reports from the Benelux region will inspire the industry in other countries even more." Jacques Michiels explains, and continues, "I also see an opportunity representing INKISH commercially since we can bring global vendors into the Benelux region in their local language, which is essential and very much appreciated by most.” Jacques Michiels concludes, “with the Industry 4.0 challenges ahead and with great technological solutions being developed by many vendors worldwide as we speak, our graphic industry and her decision makers will be in need of an unbiased, trustworthy and reference global platform to communicate, inform and educate, and that’s where we come in."

INKISH is today represented in India, Brasil, Mexico, France, Germany, Benelux, The Nordic (Sweden/Norway) - more to be announced shortly.“

For further details feel free to reach out to:
Jacques MICHIELS · jmi@inkish.tv


Morten B. Reitoft · mre@inkish.tv