Commissions, incententives, salaries

August 25th we offer everybody to participate in a two-hour webinar about salaries, compensations, incentives, and what happens when expectations aren't balanced. The background is that more and more salespeople with both vendors and PSP's experience problems getting paid what they expect. 
At the webinar, we teach you the mechanisms, the science, the results, and the challenges that can be seen from both sides of the fence.

It's all free - and the webinar starts at 11:00 CEST. 

The program is work in progress, so this page till be updated frequently - in the meanwhile, please register for the webinar.


11:00 Welcome by editor Morten B. Reitoft

11:10 Why incentives rather than fixed salaries?

11:20 Measurable results - By Henrik Klem Lassen, INKISH

11:30 Round-table with HR, Sales, and Marketing executives

12:00 Why incentives don't work at all

12:10 Let the disencouraged salesperson tell the story

12:30  Q&A session with the above salesperson - name to be revealed soon!

12:45 Why incentives apparently can't be too high sometimes?

12:55 Rounding up and good bye!

13:00 End