The Renaissance of Print

Outstanding results on the INKISH at Work Tour across Germany 

INKISH set another milestone in mid-August 2020: the team traveled across Germany for a week to hold intensive conversations with leading companies and prominent personalities in Gutenberg's homeland. The result is brilliant: Print appears more lively, multifaceted and future-proof than is often thought with regard to the Corona crisis. 

Without wanting to anticipate the publication of the interviews, the following is noteworthy: 

  1. On the one hand, business has been picking up again across the board since July 2020. Print shops from a wide variety of application areas have done their homework. According to the motto: necessity makes inventive. Those who are flexible and can reinvent themselves will endure, especially if the printed products are not produced as mass-produced goods, but valuable, carefully, with love and passion driven by a high level of creativity. 
  2. On the other hand, the suppliers to the printing companies are not lagging behind in any way, they are strengthening their customer orientation / centricity, reflecting on their strengths and registering increasing incoming orders. The technology focus is on offering not only new products along the value chain but also integrated and automated solution scenarios ready for the market. The backbone of industrial printing continues to be established technologies in offset printing, which can, however, be integrated more and more perfectly and seamlessly into digital processes as well as pre-media and post-press. And be supplemented and reinforced by inkjet printing technologies. 
  3. A new openness is also remarkable. Both in corporate communication and in offering interfaces and cloud-based platforms that are available to everyone. The common formula: Print as a medium dynamically inspires communication in the digital age. Through agility, the ability to interact, emotionalization and sustainability. 

Many hours of film material still have to be evaluated. And are processed by the INKISH film team around Jan Majnik and Morten B. Reitoft and successively published on INKISH.TV. Stay tuned. It will be worth it. 

My impression 

Catharsis follows the crisis. Print is facing a renaissance. With unbroken innovation and inspiration. However, this rebirth in no way means that we have to go back to the old days or the situation before the Corona pandemic will return. By returning to values ​​and strengths that have shaped print for centuries, a new game is opening up. Sounds great! 

Making-off videos 

Our posts and the short making-off videos for the interviews with Koenig & Bauer, Heidelberg and Zaikio as part of the INKISH at Work Tour in Germany already met with great interest on LinkedIn (more than 38,000 views to date). 

Please watch it via www.valuetrendradar.com

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