Advantages and Benefits expected from Industry 4.0 by the Printers

The main benefits of Industry 4.0 include the most important features of Industries 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and also incorporate notions of how to make features from previous industrial revolutions more sustainable.

According to some sources, the Industry 4.0 could reduce:

- production costs by 10 to 30%;

- logistics costs by 10 to 30%;

- quality management costs by 10 to 20%.

There are also a number of other advantages and reasons for adopting this concept, including: (1) a shorter time-to-market for new products (2) a better responsiveness to customer demands, enabling (3) customised mass production without significantly increasing overall production costs (4) a more flexible and friendly working environment, and (5) a more efficient use of natural resources and energy.

It should be remembered that Industry 4.0 in itself does not represent any value. Rather, the solution approaches of Industry 4.0 pave the way for new products, product-related services and improved production processes (VDMA, 2018) through the concepts of smart factory, smart product and in the case of the Printing Industry, smart print shop, smart document or smart packaging.