IF You Read This...
By Editor Morten B. Reitoft

You know about INKISH. News is our one-year-old platform that enables you, and everybody else in the printing industry, to write stories, opinions, press releases, articles, endorsements, and pretty much everything related to the printing industry. And it's 100% free.

You may think, well, it must be difficult. And yes. Words are not always easy, but with INKISH NEWS, you are in the driver's seat, and you can communicate directly to the audience that we create together.

When I wrote a couple of articles about Heidelberg - the response was pretty amazing. The article was read thousands of times. You can build an audience yourself here as well.

All you have to do is register - which is free - and then click on Create Articles and voilá. Now you can drag and drop the pre-formatted elements that form your article visually, and I am pretty confident that it won't take you much time to create something that looks great.

When you click Save and Request Publish, I will review your article to be sure that the content is not violating our terms of usage, and when I approve - which is normally within minutes, the article is published on INKISH.NEWS. IF you also registered your Twitter account, the article will be pushed to Twitter as well.

INKISH.NEWS is so great to use. So simple, and I believe that together we can create stunning content - and you know. It doesn't cost anything. It's not used to position advertising. We believe we have developed something REALLY simple.

Maybe you will join us on our journey to make better content easily accessible, and with a reach soon exceeding most other media in our industry. Free - forever!