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Finishing solution manufacturer Horizon has released a new podcast for dealers, users, and potential customers to keep on top of the latest finishing news and developments. New episodes are released weekly on all major streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as the Horizon Radio website.

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Horizon is known for developing and manufacturing automated solutions for the entire finishing process including folding, binding, and trimming as well as Smart Factory systems designed to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. "We were looking for a way to help our customers stay in the loop with all of our recent developments." said Horizon International's Yasuo Taketsugu, "That's when we came up with the idea for a podcast that people can listen to on their way to work or while doing the dishes".

Each episode of Horizon Radio focuses on a single finishing solution which allows listeners to easily navigate to the information they want to hear. The first full episode of the show covers the basics of the popular RD-4055 rotary die-cutter and an interview with Horizon dealer Standard Finishing's Bob Flinn. For the second episode, Acculink President Tom O'Brien appeared on the show to discuss how his company has benefited from the die-cutters on the production line. "Rather than us talking about our own products, we thought having real customers on to discuss their experience with the machines would benefit listeners more".

Every episode of Horizon Radio finishes with a sections where questions sent in by listeners are answered on air. If you have a question you’d like featured on an upcoming episode, send it to horizon.radio@horizon.co.jp and put “Listener Question” in the subject line.

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