Heidelberg Innovation Week 2020

Heidelberg Innovation Week 2020 takes place from October 19th to October 23rd - and it's a jam-packed program ranging from Commercial print on Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th, Label on Wednesday the 21st, and finally, Packaging Thursday and Friday 22nd and 23rd.

Besides the general sessions, you will also have the opportunity to book 1:1 sessions - and even more impressive is Heidelberg's promise to deliver live with 250 representatives from 36 countries. Truly amazing.

The week before, INKISH will be in Wiesloch together with the German Trade-press. I believe we will get the opportunity to get a glimpse into what to expect. Stay tuned!

Thu December 3rd

Rochester software asso...

Rochester Software Associates (RSA), provider of production print workflow software solutions for in-plant print centers, commercial printer

Wed December 2nd

Marco corvi & benpac

Personal debt in the millions (CHF), board-members leaving benpac, and the resignation of the auditor Credor implies significant challenges!

New podcast: printing n...

Branschkoll.se introduce a new printing industry podcast – first episode in english with Gelato founder Henrik Müller-Hansen

Tue December 1st

Hiflow solutions offers...

HiFlow Solutions is a Silver Sponsor at this year's Digital Packaging Summit.

Fri November 27th

Plenz & bürchi withdraw...

On November 25th, two of the five board members of benpac holding withdraw from their positions.

Mon November 23rd

The marco corvi, benpac...

Suppliers tell stories about unpaid invoices - even small amounts - left due until the last minute before being declared bankrupt

Fri November 20th

Smart factory learn wit...

What is Smart Factory? We have gathered more than 20-hours of knowledge during the Learn With Us USA edition in days from November 16-20th.

Thu November 19th

Smart factory - from pi...

Smart Factory - From Pixel to Output presented by DURST-Group

Wed November 18th

The importance of susta...

Not so long ago, sustainable packaging lacked the technological basis and initiative to become an industry standard, today it's different.

Fri November 13th

First nation names to b...

The adoption of traditional First Nation place names will now be commonplace in Australian postal addresses.