Sorry - I Hate Advertising!

By Editor-in-Chief Morten B. Reitoft 

I LOVE YouTube, and I HATE YouTube at the same time. I am amazed by the vast amount of films of subjects that are crazy amazing - and yes, I do recognize that the content creators should make money - but advertising. It's so stupid, so bad, so totally freaking useless. I don't know about you, but whenever the SKIP button appears, I click it. I sometimes even turn off the sound and switch applications to avoid watching SO stupid advertising. I have been thinking about buying a subscription to YouTube+ to avoid the adverts, but then I will need to purchase multiple subscriptions - I believe - since I have multiple accounts.

Dear advertiser, your adverts have a negative effect on me. I not only hate them since they disturb me, but I am getting so upset with the brands that are interfering with me the most that I have actively decided NOT to buy ANYTHING from you. Sorry. Your money is simply wasted on me, and I will try to avoid you and your products in the future.

Houston - we have a problem. Content costs money to create, but the freemium models widely using advertising will eventually stop working. If nobody clicks the damn ads, then what?

When I earlier this year ran an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, it hit 63.000 people, and I am truly sorry that I disturbed you - and even more unfortunate that my $500 only got me 24 clicks. I must be bad at this - OR. I must conclude that the entire freemium model is about to implode.

If or to be more precise, WHEN this happens, then what? Things will change, and fortunately, we are working on stuff that we believe will be great in that respect. I have concluded that it may not be the adverts in itself, but maybe more that I am talked down to. Yesterday I watched a YouTube film from a LIVE concert. In the middle of the song, I was interrupted by an advert for some sporting event. First of all - I don't give a shit about sporting events. Secondly, I go balloon crazy when interrupted in something that I like, and I chose to watch/hear. In this case, I can't believe that the band was trying to monetize on this - It was more likely some crazy dude sharing content that he doesn't even own to monetize from. Too bad - and again. YouTube, you are soon to be deleted.

Just sick and tired of this nonsense, to be honest. What do you think? Have you ever clicked an advert on YouTube? Do you feel that advertising is a fair trade-off, or is your intelligence insulted, like mine?