We have created a fantastic Smart Factory program for you, where you have the opportunity to see and hear what it takes to turn your printing company into a Smart Factory. 

This is a 100% LIVE event - what you see is what you get. You can interact with the speakers and even reach out and join the discussion.

Click on the title of the event to register for free. Click our sponsors and support them as they support this event. 

All times are in ET and applicable AM/PM.

NOV 16th11:00What is the Smart Factory WhatTheyThink David Zwang

12:00The Workflow LIVE - two hours
hands on learning!
- Diego Diaz

2:00Automation philosophy, stages to automate, benefits and challenges
Rent-a-PressRobert F. Godwin
NOV 17th11:00The Smart Factory using the
latest inkjet technology
Memjet/MGIKim Beswick
Victor Abergel

12:00Web-to-Print more than wwwINKISHMorten B. Reitoft

1:00Leverage the Power of Workflow
for a Smart Future
SolimarMary Ann Rowan
Jonathan Malone-McGrew
Pat McGrew
Joanne Gore
Ryan McAbee

2:00Web-to-Print and Industry 4.0deviaSteven OBrien

3:00Helping Printers estimate faster,
plan smart, and manufacture profitable
Tilia LabsTyler Thompson
NOV 18th11:00Connect IoT devices cross vendorBaldwin TechnologiesSteve Metcalf
Jacob Schwertel

12:00Learn how cloud-based iCE LiNK digital workflowcan help optimize productivityHorizon International Inc. & Standard Finishing SystemBob Flinn

1:00Hunkeler on the Smart FactoryHunkelerHans Gut
Mark Hunt
Morten B. Reitoft
NOV 19th11:00What is a digital mindset?INKISHMorten B. Reitoft

12:00Automation Journey & Software MixBennett GraphicsAdam Seiz
Dan Still

1:00How Industry 4.0 will change your BusinessModelINKISH FranceYves d'Aviau de Ternay

2:00Why Smart Factoryin Production Print?Canon Solutions AmericaAllen Filson
Jane Nerf
Dennis Soucy
Nick Thorne

3:00Smart Factory Digital Book ManufacturingCanon Solutions America
Allen Filson
Jane Nerf
Dennis Soucy
Nick Thorne
Jeff Sarringar
NOV 20th11:00Hidden Costs of Status Quo & the benefit of AutomationHP Digital SolutionsKirk Lewis

12:00Smart Factories requireSmart ERP Solutions
CERMGeert Van Damme 
Jordan Sherman 
Brad Knoth

1:00Smart Factory - From Pixel to Output
DurstMichael Deflorian
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Mon August 15th

No thanks to the future

Every time new technology is introduced, we should ask ourselves whether we really want this technology in the heads of our kids!

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Print is alive! alive!

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