Leverage the Power of Workflow Software to Make for a Smart Future

Presented by: Mary Ann Rowan, Jonathan Malone-McGrew, Pat McGrew, Joanne Gore, Ryan McAbee

This event is all about the ideas surrounding a Smart Factory and Industry 4.0; thoughts for how print and digital factories will inject innovation, intelligence and hyper-productivity. But hold on there partner, in order to get to 4.0, you need to make sure you are leveraging technologies that will help you get there. In this session, with our guests, we will talk about how you should “walk your workflow” and take note of where you have manual processes, slowdowns and bottlenecks, where there are opportunities to consolidate technologies or update with more capable, feature-rich solutions. Then we will offer you ideas for how to take this information and chart a smart path to your Smart Factory Industry 4.0. And this session will benefit any organizations dealing with print...digital or both types of product delivery channels. More specifically, we will also share some views on how PDF is becoming the defacto print and electronic standard for a multitude of industries and communication types.