Automation Journey & Software Mix

Presented by: Adam Seiz & Dan Still

This is ‘real people’ from Bennett Graphics, talking about how they found themselves where they are today. This is how Adam Seiz and Dan Still started considering massive changes to the software mix four years ago. This is how they switched their MIS, picked up Switch, NOPcommerce, and a handful of other tools, and in this session, Dan and Adam would like to discuss the thought process behind why we made our choices.   

  • Here are some of the points they will be touching:   
  • Knowing where you are at as a company in regards to technology and how to evaluate this properly. 
  • What types of tech is best for your particular company, and how to discover this? 
  • How to add “Best in Class” software while keeping your tech stack flexible B-to-B storefronts
  • How to pick the right one? Are online B-to-B storefronts profitable?
  • Can they be fully automated?
  • Automation starts from the top down.
  • Automation is EASY; people present issues with automation.
  • How to introduce automation to a plant that has little or no automation
  • When is it the right time, and what are the needs for custom development in automation, rather than buying a “Boxed” solution

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