Paradigm shift in Inkjet Technology

Process-oriented solution competence and industrial automation technology move into focus

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For years, the development of inkjet technology has distinguished itself as a pacemaker of innovations in the print sector. It is now evident that completely new areas of application can be opened up through novel concepts and strategic partnerships — above all automotive, food, pharmaceuticals and packaging.

"The development of the so-called Smart Factory in conjunction with Industry 4.0 as well as the trend towards integrated industrial production with inkjet printing create completely new prerequisites for further developing future-proof innovations across industry boundaries," explains Rainer Kötzer, Managing Director CADIS Engineering GmbH. Essentially, it is about not classifying inkjet technology as a substitute for existing process technologies, but rather as the basis for new types of production processes with the highest demands on automation and Industry 4.0 capability of the entire value chain.

Kötzer and his development team have perfected their approach to industrial inkjet system solutions since the successful drupa 2016 trade fair appearance. This makes it possible to use extremely powerful, customer-specific system architectures that are precisely tailored to application purposes and new market requirements, instead of the usual common practice for all machines of the same type for anybody.

For this purpose, CADIS, as a solution developer, has been able to win an important partner as a co-shareholder since the beginning of February 2021: Reutlingen-based Manz AG, a global high-tech mechanical engineering company, will be responsible for manufacturing the high-end inkjet production systems. The focus is initially on productive direct2shape solutions and functional printing. Manz's global organizational structure will greatly accelerate the continuous growth of CADIS and the process of internationalization of the business.

Martin Drasch Drasch, CEO of Manz AG, sees the new partnership with CADIS as an investment in the future with great potential: “For example, products with special electronic functions or batteries in the surface can be manufactured. Customers benefit from technical innovation combined with industrial sustainability and a global organizational structure.” Drasch is certain that, together with CADIS, it will be able to dynamically advance the development of industrial production solutions in this area.


CADIS Engineering GmbH and Manz AG seal a future-oriented partnership with a minority stake of Manz AG in CADIS Engineering GmbH. With this step, CADIS is strengthening its competence area in the field of mechanical engineering, automation, industrialization and component handling as well as the plant construction of complete production lines. 

CADIS is a specialized provider in the field of industrial high-end inkjet solutions for markets such as automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, food and the graphics industry. The company develops, builds and sells complete or partially integrated special machines for inkjet printing in the areas of direct2shape, web-shaped and sheet-shaped materials. This know-how in the field of industrial high-end inkjet printing is now combined with the decades of industrialization expertise of Manz AG. In an anticipated mass market, Manz and CADIS will be able to provide customers with comprehensive production solutions. 

More information via Manz AG information via Manz AG 


Rainer Kötzer, General Manager 
CADIS Engineering GmbH, Norderstedt close to Hamburg/Schwendi (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)  

E-Mail: rainer.koetzer@cadis-engineering.de 

Homepage: https://www.cadis-engineering.de/

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