“Give them the razor, sell them the blade.”
King Gillette

Global Print Sites (GPS) an OpenSoft/OPP platform, offers the fastest and least-expensive solution for setting up an online print e-commerce website for your print business. The platform is free of charge.

The GPS target market is smaller businesses that sell print as a value add to their primary business. Graphic designers, event planners, small print shops without kit capable of embellishments or specific products. All can benefit from selling print to clients who need it.

The GPS platform offers fully capable e-commerce for branded skinning of the site. Straightforward admin controls provide easy descriptive write-ups for product description suited to a specific market. Pricing tools support options such as substrate choice, embellishments, and volume discounts. Customizable reports on visitor site activity, product sales, keyword relevancy are provided in an admin dashboard.

GPS comes with a base product line, pre-populated with a range of commonly requested print products, including:

· flyers
· sell sheets
· postcards
· business cards
· presentation folders

Additional products include office supplies, signage, and apparel. The portfolio is constantly updated with new products added as the market demands. All products are priced at competitive trade print levels, with room to mark up for profitable sales.

Also included with the GPS platform are sophisticated specialty tools:

DaVinci Online Design 

– customers can choose to upload their print-ready artwork or design a product from scratch online. 3D proofing capability demonstrates embellishments such as spot UV, foil, and texture, allowing for adjustments to the designer’s taste.


 – sends the proof by email so the client can easily approve or request changes. The same 3D viewing in DaVinci is available in PRUFlink. This helps convert sales and eliminates the need for a press proof.

For GPS clients beyond the basic level, marketing services are offered These include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, product image creation, logo design and site skinning.

The GPS eCommerce is offered as a FREEMIUM platform and goes live in July of this year. How can something this powerful be free? A 120-year-old sales model proves it is the right way to build business. Give them the platform, sell the print.

Robert Godwin
Sr. Brand Manager info@globalprintsites.com

Fri April 16th

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