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EFI MarketDirect StoreFront

EFI MarketDirect StoreFront is a Web-to-Print solution designed to power your print business online. With simple intuitive tools, and support for a wide range of products and applications, you can grow your business and sell more online.  Offering comprehensive integration for EFI Productivity Suites and MIS solutions, MarketDirect StoreFront delivers unparalleled order to production automation, reducing handling costs, errors and increasing sales.

"Thanks to MarketDirect StoreFront, we have been able to achieve a 50% reduction in the administration time associated with job production." Knut Magerholm, Project Manager, Grafisk Trykk

Sell, ship, fulfill or rent ANYTHING online...

MarketDirect StoreFront is designed to grow with your business providing the flexibility to sell almost any printed, non-printed product, package, sign, label, variable data, or even email marketing campaign.

Print On-Demand Products

Print on-demand items are any print jobs that are produced as they are ordered. You have the final print files (PDF), the customer simply selects the quantity, stock and any other specifications and places an order.  

 EFI SmartCanvas Products

Design online products are built using EFI’s award winning SmartCanvas technology. You build a template, and your customer is able to easily modify and create their own version. Templates can contain powerful logic which enables objects and type to reformat based on content. You can lock down as much or as little of the template as required. The user interface is intuitive and requires little to no training. 

 Adhoc Upload Products

Upload products are printed jobs which the customer supplies the finished artwork. These jobs are uploaded to MarketDirect StoreFront and a job ticket is completed by the customer. You can build pricing to dynamically reflect the job properties – eliminating the need for costly estimating. Once uploaded print jobs undertake basic pre-flight and can be sent for approval. 

 Downloadable Products

Electronic download products are products which require access control permission or even purchase, before the file can be provided for download by your customer. These products can be combined with Print On-Demand products to provide users with access to electronic documents ahead of printed versions being produced

Inventory Products

Inventory items are products you keep in stock and make available for re-order. Customers can browse inventory and order against available quantities, when minimum quantities are reached the system can automatically alert production. 

Kitted Products

Kitted Items enable you to combine one, two or more products together to simplify ordering for your customers and to ensure accuracy and the quality and integrity of product delivered on behalf of your customers. Kitted items can be configured so the buyer has the option to make selections (quantities, stock etc) or so that the individual products are fixed. 

 VDP/Direct Mail Products

VDP (Variable Data Print) or Direct Mail Products are templates, which enable your customers to personalize or version using a single or multiple record data set. At their simplest, VDP items like a business card enable a user to quickly and easily create and order an item. More complex VDP products, like Direct Mail can be driven by a data set upload where you are creating many different versions based on the content in the data file. EFI offers two VDP platforms to choose from; EFI MarketDirect VDP or Fusion Pro® VDP.

Cross Media Products

Cross Media items are multi-channel (sometimes referred to as omni-channel) marketing campaigns, which can be published to your website and offered to your customers. Cross Media campaigns are built and designed using EFI’s MarketDirect Cross Media platform – then packaged and published to your Storefront. Buyers can select a campaign, configure and add their own data in order to create email, print, mobile messaging, web landing page driven personalized communications.

Non Print Inventory Products

Non-printed items allow you to offer anything you may procure or keep in inventory on behalf of your customers. Typical items often include clothing, branded merchandise and marketing materials. The item inventory levels can be managed, and users can be given access to configuration options, for example Size, color, style etc. 

 3D Folding Cartons – NEW!

EFI MarketDirect StoreFront is now available with a powerful 3D tool, EFI SmartBox Designer, built to enable your customers to design and order folding carton products online. With stunning realistic 3D rendering, your customers can create and design 3D packages – applying their own graphics and artwork, while previewing and approving the job. The production files can be supplied to you, as ready to produce files containing all the necessary high-resolution artwork and die files required.  

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