Peacock Surprises

By Editor Morten B. Reitoft 

When Deborah Corn some time ago told me with enthusiasm about this new platform she had invested in and how she would turn Project Peacock into a 'platform' - I was reluctant, to be honest! Zooms, Teams, and many other platforms have made me generally reluctant to the virtual/online formats - at least from a technical perspective, as well as from a user experience perspective!

Yesterday, Project Peacock went live, and I experienced the Pheedloop platform for the first time - and it was great! 

Before digging into the Project Peacock Platform - and let me stress, this is as virtual as anything else you experience, let's understand what the Project Peacock is all about. 

Project Peacock started with an idea to show brand owners, designers, and print buyers, how technology can be used. Think this. When new printing technologies are brought to market, someone has to tell the print buyers about these capabilities. PSPs should, of course, be interested in this, but if vendors could show their technologies, it could create a demand for new technology and give creatives a better understanding of what options are available. Best of two options, right?

Collage of Tonya Powers · Canon Solutions America & Ashley Maydak · Domtar Paper

Deborah Corn reached out to a couple of vendors, and among the pioneering partners was Canon Solutions America and Domtar Paper - and soon others joined the small, effective, and exclusive "club."

Project Peacock as a traveling roadshow and used the conference rooms with brands and agencies to show print samples - and of today, more than 2,000 professionals have been at one of these events. There is more to this story, but for now, let's stop here :-)

I don't know if you remember - but when you attended physical events in the past, I can guarantee that networking, mingling, and seeing print samples were a prominent part of Project Peacock.

So how can this experience at all be transferred into a digital experience?

The answer is Pheedloop - a top-rated platform for events, and in many ways it compares to other platforms - it's just developed to deliver a great experience.

The platform has a 'Theater,' which is where presentations occur and compares to other platforms. Then you have 'Partners,' where you can see virtual booths with quite simple deliverables - like text, photo, video, downloads. 

So at first, Pheedloop doesn't seem very different from what you see with other solutions - however, there are a few major differences in how it works when live. 

With each partner/booth, there is an open chat, which enables you instantly to engage with the partner - but you can also click "Join Live," which allows the partner to present various content in a mini-webinar. Combined with private chats and straightforward navigation, I couldn't help smiling participating. It was fun, and I met friends, as well as I got new contacts, and with all the above integrated into a seamless experience, I was totally sold.

So this was the platform. I will have to rate it 8 out of 10. As with all other platforms, there is still room for improvement, but this is from the top shelf!

So what about the content - the more important thing - of course :-)

Lily Harder from Comperemedia

The content must be split into two sections—the curated content from the Theater stage and the partners' content. 

At 6 PM ET, the 'doors' opened, and the attendees started to enter the "Theater." Deborah Corn welcomed the about 100 people and handed over the torch to Lily Harder from Comperemedia.Lily Harder spoke about the latest data about how consumers use media. I am not interested in consumer behaviors, but the presentation got excellent feedback, and you can, of course, register, log in, and see the replays at your own convenience!

Lily Harder was the 'star' of the first Project Peacock session - and regardless of a very professional presentation (delivered with her usual passion), the overall topic of this session was "postal." I would have hoped for a more specific keynote, for example, more 'how-to' than 'why' - but that's probably just me. 

After the keynote, Deborah Corn invited some of the "founding" partners to welcome the audience - and it was great, but again, most not relating to the "postal" topic.

After the introductions, keynote, and welcoming, it was time to visit the partners - and it worked surprisingly good. As already mentioned, it was easy, it was fun, and the electronic mood was perfect. 

Collage with Chris Manley - Graphco · Jason Rollo - Scodix · Tom Wittenberg - HP Graphics Art ·Erica Switzer - DirectMail 2.0 · Donna Covannon - Xeikon & Jonathan Malone-McGrew · Solimar Systems 

The content of the exhibitors is with all other virtual events mixed. Some spend a lot of time preparing for the Project Peacock Platform, and some were more so-so, but as Project Peacock Platform is NOT intended to be seen as a virtual event, but a platform, the content can and most likely will be developed over the time to come. 

As INKISH is also exhibiting, I manage the content of our booth - and here, I would like to have more options. Links to films (without having to embed the links in the text) - and a few more things as well. 

So what's next? 
The platform is open 24/7. How will it succeed as a resource platform? I am sure Deborah Corn and her partners will push the platform and develop content to increase awareness of Project Peacock Platform. - and, oh I forgot - you can, of course, ‚ order print samples directly from each partner booth - so you should do that so that you can find the inspiration - or as Deborah Corn puts it, "print-spi-ra-tion."

Note the following dates:
July 16th - Packaging
September 10th - Publishing
November 12th - Point of Purchase

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