Tomorrow we have our Learn With Us · Offset day - and it has been more than challenging to be honest. Finding printing companies who want to talk LIVE and share their experiences about the newest and latest technology hasn't been easy - however, we still have a fantastic program - so stay tuned.

Everything is LIVE, and the program is as follows:

At 10:00 tomorrow, I will present the day in detail and disclose why we find this topic critical. Offset still accounts for a significant part of the commercial and packaging printing industry. The pandemic has been an intense focus on digital, though I believe offset for most continues to be more critical. I will also talk about some of the trends you see in offset towards a higher level of automation.

At 10:20, Ulrich Stetter will join me. Ulrich Stetter is the Geschäftsführer or CEO of Schleunungsdruck. Schleunungsdruck is part of Flyer Alarm, and in that capacity, Ulrich Stetter knows about scaling. We will be talking about up and downscaling. When is it time to invest in new capacity? When is it time to change technology? What are the most important KPIs for a printing company to use a compass for the future?

At 10:45, Anthony Thirlby will join me. Anthony Thirlby has for years hold the record as one of the most efficient printing companies in the world and has also been prominent in promoting the Heidelberg Push-to-stop and the immense focus on OEE. In the session, I will talk to Anthony about why speed is so important. I am sure you will learn a lot!

At 11:15, Mike Malpas from Hampton Printing will join me. We will, in this discussion, focus on quality. Can the quality factor and focus on value and better margins be more important than only being fast? We will try to understand!

At 11:45, Michael Thorvaldsson from Antalis will join me. Do printers focus too much on price, rather than focusing on the qualities from a productions perspective choosing better paper? How can we convince customers to use paper as a differentiator, and how can PSPs actively use paper to add value and increase profits? An interesting topic that I am sure Michael Thorvaldsson will like to discuss!

Now there will be a short break - you humble host needs to - I am not 30 anymore :-)

At 13:00 / 1:00 PM, Kasper Larsen from KLS Pureprint will join me. KLS Pureprint was one of the first printing companies to go cradle-to-cradle and become a pureprint printing company. We will talk with Kasper Larsen about Why focusing so much on the environmental agenda, and when the choice has been taken - how!? This session is critical, and I look forward to talking to one of the leading companies in this field!

At 13:30 / 1:30 PM, Rick Hess-Larsen from Darlain print in China will join us to chat about second-hand machines vs. the latest generation of machines. The speed, the automation of the latest generation of printing machines are sometimes less important; why, and what considerations do Darlain have before investing?

At 14:00 / 2:00 PM, we welcome Warren Werbitt, who has become more and more present over the past year. Warren has also been very open about his bankruptcy and will, in this session, talk about what he learned from that and how he has moved on. Of course, never a pleasant topic to talk about, but the COVID has put many companies in this unfortunate situation, so it's time to learn!

At 14:30 / 2:30 PM, we have the last session with Michael Green, also from Canada, and from the printing company Hueneye.com. Unfortunately, Klaus Sauer from Saxoprint had to cancel his participation - but business first! As he changed from regular plates to process-free plates, Michael Green reached out to me, and I believe it could be interesting to hear how that journey has been.

So as you can see - a wonderful and exciting day with exciting people!

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