Thursday July 15 · 6 PM ET · Project Peacock: Packaging

Learn how to inject some WOW inside and outside of your packaging projects and have fun doing it. You’ll also gain expert insight into what’s going on in the packaging market.

Get Intel! Starting at 6 PM ET 

Daniel Dejan provides Packaging Printspiration! 

Adam Peek and Kirk Visola discuss Packaging Design and vetting Packaging Partners. 

Camille Corr Chism shares strategies for Packaging development, concept to execution.

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Visit our Peacock Partners to request print and paper samples, request meetings, sign up for demos and get all the info and help you need for next-level packaging and print marketing success.

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Sun July 25th

Sunday am

About production of personalized drugs and how new Nobel-Prize-award-winning technology is used.

Fri July 23rd

A busy week, from a spy...

What The Papers Say · Week of July 19th · By Nessan Cleary

Thu July 22nd

Matt bennett · fujifilm...

The hardest part of being an owner of a printing company today is that you need to constantly look out for what's next.

Wed July 21st

China opens the doors

At Chinese State-owned companies, the human aspect of manufacturing processes pushed to the maximum of their capabilities

Mon July 19th

Anilox roller manufactu...

India's largest custom manufacturer and exporter for anilox roller & ceramic anilox roller. We use the finest raw materials to ensure that o

Benpac announce relocat...

The benpac maschinenbau relocate to Stans at the end of the year...

Sun July 18th

Sunday am

Remote education will go - and though not specified further, I am confident that this includes virtual tradeshows, webinars, zoom, etc.

Fri July 16th

This week’s stories cov...

What The Papers Say · Week of July 12th · By Nessan Cleary

Horizon smart factory 2...

Connectable Factory Automation

Mon July 12th

Today you most likely b...

In the world's understanding, you are innocent till you are convicted. But you know you did something wrong...