Good morning and welcome to Sunday AM. This time from Austria, where I am on vacation with my family. Really nice, and to be honest - I don't really have time to write this story, as I am busy seing amazing scenaries - like the one below for example :-)


Maybe this is too early to ask, but why are you working as an employee? Or are you a business owner? Often business owners start their business because they believe they can influence their life-earning more being an entrepreneur than being employed. Some are, but for many, this probably isn't the case. Suppose you operate a very successful company as an employee. In that case, you get a salary, maybe a bonus, perhaps even stock options - but would you honestly be as successful if you chose to work in a similar position in any other company? Or would you be able to develop a company from scratch with your own money and the entire risk yourself?

When we look at the typical progress of a startup, you can divide the development into numerous phases, and maybe you need different people for each stage to be truly successful?

I believe this insight is essential since, being an entrepreneur myself, I have to realize that I don't have all the qualities required to succeed. I also know how stubborn I am, with an endless belief in my ability to become a success - but maybe the best thing you can do for your company is to ensure the right people taking over management at different times in the development of your company.

If you are a mom&dad shop, you may not have the ambition to grow your business, but I don't believe that. Remember, maybe you initially started your company because you were convinced that your life income would be higher than working for another person. Maybe, you were confident that the alternative was worse? Perhaps you conclude that your company CAN become better, more significant, bigger, and even more profitable? So why don't we employ people when we reach these new stages?

For me, it's about the price tag, leaving control, and, as said, being stubborn. But maybe you should really consider if your management is good enough? Or perhaps event speculate for how long your current management should be allowed not to grow the company before taking the necessary initiatives - or what do you think?


Software is your friend, and it's typically developed since the software can solve many things that don't add any value to your company solving manually. Many printing companies are maybe afraid of investing in software since it potentially changes who is in control of the company. Change is something that many people see as not being good, but they would never say it! Change is, however, significant, and you know why! Your customers, your employees, even yourself, and of course, the societies we serve change all the time. Therefore it's impossible to believe that you won't need change!

However, embracing new technology is not easy, and if you are not tech-savvy, you may end up leaving parts of your company's development into the hands of an employee who knows MORE.

A year ago, I made a short film on INKISH about how to embrace development. The concept is simple.

Identify your entire process from prospect to invoiced customer. Then decide each of the steps, and ask yourself whether it makes sense to automate or continue do this manually. But see the film, and you will understand!


This week I found a great new singer named Ghostpoet. Ghoestpoet is British, and behind the artist name, you find Obaro Ejimiwe, and though I am not so keen on the entire album, the one I share here - is simply great!

Listen to it, and I am sure you will like it - if not - well! Let me know! The song is called 'Bruised Fruit."


When did you click on an online ad the last time? Or when did you react to a printed ad? Or even better, how do companies' advertising and marketing influence your view on a company? Look at your own marketing, are you proud of it, does it deliver what you expect, and what do you expect?


Last week I heard a quite interesting podcast about politics. The host had invited a Russian Correspondent to the show and asked him to report on Russia as if it was through the eyes of a Russian citizen. This was interesting because the stories we hear in the media, regardless of how unbiased we believe they are, were colored by our views. A long time ago, I learned from a colleague that your views always are colored by your perspective. I, of course, knew but wouldn't realize this since many, I believe, always consider right and wrong from a personal perspective. I think that men and women should be treated equally (of course), but if men and women in non-christian, non-democratic cultures believe differently, are you then entitled to judge them? Of course, most of us will say yes, but it raises a dilemma and a dilemma that has no easy and simple solutions! The correspondent mentioned at the top of this section was an eye-opener; since the Russian regime sees the same stories we are served in the west entirely different, are their views wrong? I tried to review the reports with my cultural background, and honestly, I couldn't view them from a different perspective. Many of the political problems in the world are probably based on similar experiences. How should an American president be able to view political/cultural histories from any other perspective? Think about it; this is quite interesting and very mind-boggling!


I skip this section again this week, so it is becoming a trend - damn. I promise, next Sunday I will write about exciting trends in the market!

See you next Sunday!

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