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#benpacgate On Friday, July 16th, benpac announced the closing of the St. Gallen operation at the end of the year. According to the website's announcement, employees are offered jobs at the Stans site, where the activities will continue. What activities will continue in Stans is not clear; however, according to sources, there are no employees left in St. Gallen, and no or very few have accepted jobs in Stans. Why benpac says the operation will continue in St. Gallen to the end of the year is unclear (besides the synergies explained on the website), but as you can see from the recent photo below, the production hall is already empty. We have asked CEO Marco Corvi for a comment on this information, with no response so far.

Sun July 25th

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Fri July 23rd

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Wed July 21st

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Remote education will go - and though not specified further, I am confident that this includes virtual tradeshows, webinars, zoom, etc.

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