Dear friend!The NON-EVENT is ALWAYS about networking, but what is networking worth if not challenged? We will challenge our attendees with a couple of new things. We will introduce networking mentors focusing on business development, marketing/communication, operation, technology, and disruption with the focus of connecting YOU. For the first time, the NON-EVENT '23 edition will have a theme - Competition and Gamification! The idea is to inspire you. Elevate your knowledge and give you something to boost your work and performance. You may find yourself in the middle of a CS:GO game where collaboration is essential if you want to survive! The backdrop of the NON-EVENT '23 is better than ever. The speakers are fantastic, but as usual, YOU are the most significant asset at the NON-EVENT.
We hope to see you - We are excited!

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Fri April 12th

Webinar: designnbuy ann...

Dallas, Texas – DesignNBuy, a leading provider of web to print solutions, announced the launch of DesignO 2.0, a revolutionary web to print...

Mon April 8th

Let's close the industr...

The companies that read the markets right are prosperous and enable healthy competition, and that gives a balanced supply and demand.

Printvis offers busines...

PrintVis for Apparel and Promotional Products is a game-changer - run your entire operation with one solution

Sun April 7th

Will you make money at ...

Messecenter Düsseldorf will make money - maybe the only stakeholder guaranteed a return on investment - for the rest - let's see!

Fri April 5th

Decoding the magic of k...

Presenting KPIs in dashboards that are immediately actionable and aligned with the operational pulse of your company.

Sun March 31st

Heidelbergs results and...

You often hear Dr. Ludwin Monz saying something like "despite the challenging times in our industry..." but is that really the case?

Wed March 13th

Trends in packaging con...

4 trends are emerging in 2024: AI, Sustainability, Automation and Talent.

Fri March 8th


Let's take a deep dive into financing and our very own CEO, Henrik Klem Lassen, who has a Master's Degree in Economics.

Mon March 4th

Hiflow solutions releas...

HiFlow Solutions releases free APP with packaging & imposition for estimators.

Thu February 29th

Printvis announces inte...

PrintVis, the business management MIS/ERP for the printing industry, announces its integration with LoyaltyLoop