DesignNBuy Releases DesignO 2.0, Revolutionizing the Web to Print Experience for Magento Stores

Frustrated by Magento's limitations for print shops? Design’N’Buy has a solution!

Design’N’Buy, a leading innovator in web-to-print solutions, is excited to unveil DesignO 2.0, a revolutionary upgrade that shatters limitations for Magento-based print shops. DesignO 2.0 empowers businesses to effortlessly configure product options and pricing, finally achieving the flexibility they've craved within the Magento platform.

What challenges do print shops face with Magento?

Many print shops struggle with Magento's rigidity when it comes to customizing product options and pricing. This can hinder their ability to meet customer needs and streamline workflows.

How does DesignO 2.0 address these challenges?

DesignO 2.0 provides a powerful suite of features that simplify product configuration and pricing. It offers functionalities like:

  • Effortless quantity and size selection
  • Diverse custom options (dropdown menus, checkboxes, etc.)
  • Intuitive and versatile pricing configuration (base price setup, custom options pricing, size-based pricing)

Beyond configuration and pricing, what other benefits does DesignO 2.0 offer?

DesignO 2.0 tackles common pain points in print shops:

  • Streamlined Order Creation: Generate orders directly from the backend for offline inquiries.
  • Advanced Quotation Management: A centralized hub for creating, tracking, and managing quotes.
  • Enhanced Order Management: Effortless data transfer and backups with CSV exports.
  • Efficient Product Cloning: Save time by duplicating existing products with minor adjustments.
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: Improved message module for clear customer communication.

Why Magento Print Shops Will Love DesignO 2.0?

DesignO 2.0 is built upon the foundation of open-source technologies, granting businesses unparalleled flexibility and control. This approach empowers users to customize and extend the platform to perfectly suit their unique needs, fostering a culture of innovation and ensuring long-term success. For Magento print shops, DesignO 2.0 is a game-changer. It eliminates the limitations and inefficiencies that have held them back. The platform's powerful configurability and pricing tools empower businesses to effortlessly handle diverse product options and pricing scenarios. With features like order creation and quotation management seamlessly integrated within Magento, print shops can streamline operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. https://www.designnbuy.com/designo-online-graphics-designer-tool.html

Abhishek Agarwal on DesignO 2.0:

"DesignO 2.0 breaks free from limitations, empowering print shops to configure products and pricing with unmatched ease. This open-source solution ensures our clients stay ahead in the competitive printing industry."

Don't miss out on this revolutionary upgrade! Visit the DesignNBuy website or contact their web-to-print specialists to learn more about DesignO 2.0 and unlock a new era of e-commerce success for your Magento print shop.

Visit for more information: https://www.designnbuy.com/news/designo-v2-with-easy-product-options-and-pricing-configurability-magento-print-shop/

Source: https://www.marketpressrelease.com/DesignNBuy-Releases-DesignO-20-Revolutionizing-the-Web-to-Print-Experience-for-Magento-Stores-1716901897.html

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