By Editor Morten B. Reitoft - Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frazer Chesterman, Marcus Timson, and Karis Copp have pulled off nothing but a super fantastic summit about sustainability. The program has many speakers representing different angles of the sustainability agenda. EcoPrint has more than 30 speakers; some talk with Frazer, Marcus, or Karis - and others in panels of two or more: an engaging format and enough time per session to get valuable information.
The speakers represent companies in our industry and mix with organizations of companies that have a dedicated focus on sustainability.

I will listen to more sessions as I find the topic interesting. Still, for this review, I watched the session with Stefan Kappaun and Rico Sauerborn from DURST, which was interesting as Rico Sauerborn speaks about how DURST is using the Greenhouse Protocol as part of their commitment to future generations - they are currently on Scope level 2. Still, they will move on further to the more complex level 3.

I also watched the session with Jordy de Jong from Probo.nl. The company itself is super interesting, and the first time I got to know Probo was at Sign & Print Expo in the Netherlands, where they made a super nice stand using all the technology Probo works with - and yes, they are a major (20+) DURST customer. At the EcoPrint event, Jordy de Jong talked about SignAgain, a board material developed by Probo by upcycling PVC waste and returned banners. This opportunity makes it possible to use PVC again and again without environmental issues!

The first session I watched today was the Round Table with Frazer Chesterman, Carlos Lahoz (HP), Fred Lill (Lil Packaging), Tom Maskill (Webmart), and Nick Widdowson (shopperFIRST) - and an interesting mix, as Carlos Lahoz teases technology from HP that - as I understand - will give you measures of emissions on your production, which will help the customer - obviously! He couldn't tell much, but he at least teased me because, as Tom Maskill said - if you don't have measures, it's difficult/impossible to set targets - so if a machine can deliver accurate numbers, it's probably something that will help a lot of people to reduce waste, energy, and have a positive impact on the sustainability agenda!

What I have NOT heard yet, maybe because I have only seen a few of the sessions, is the critical voice on carbon offset, the potential issues with skewed measures of CO2, the financial impact, and the cradle-to-cradle agenda.

But what a super event, and my warmest recommendation to everybody. Register and dig into the vast number of topics and discussions I am confident will give you great information and learning!

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