SIGN Up for the Elevate Print Event

The Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, Deborah Corn, is known for her well-orchestrated panel-debates from various tradeshows in the global printing industry. With everything going virtual, Deborah Corn could only do one thing - a bit better than most others - and here, Ladies and Gentlemen - please welcome Elevate Print from August 25th-August 27th 10 am to 2 pm ET daily.

During the three days, you can meet David Zwang, Helene Blanchette, Shuchi Sarkar, Christine Erna, Erica Switzer, Pat McGrew, Kelly Mandarano, Rob Finnie, Siobhan Daukes, Lily Harder, Tobias Degsell, Dawn Nye, Nancy Pappas, Adam Peek, Kirk Visola, Bradley Metrock, Lisa Weese, Candyce Holcomb, Keeana Barber, Paul Nowak, Joe Lindfeldt, Trish Witkowski, Vanecia Carr, Leiman Chan, Josh Montcastle - and of course, Deborah Corn.

With a jam-packed program, you can find inspiration and who knows to learn how to elevate your print business.