Why is print being misunderstood by digital marketing?

Exciting conversation with cross-media pioneer Jacob Aizikowitz, the founder of XMPIE

Decades of experience at the forefront. And still at the cutting edge. This not only sounds like a good recipe, it also works. Jacob Aizikowitz, who lives in Haifa, Israel, is the founder of XMPIE and belongs to the first guard of pioneers and innovators for print in the digital age.

In an Over the Skype conversation with INKISH D-A-CH he explained his reasons for starting a public discussion. 

"After decades there is still a wide gap between the value of print as the print industry sees it and the appreciation of print in digital scenarios on the corporate marketing side." Print is valued by enterprises, but largely only in the traditional form. 

Print as an important element of omnichannel scenarios – that is, in digital printing with variable data, produced in a highly individualized manner and dynamically networked as a relevant campaign element – is still a niche and not mainstream, stated Jacob Aizikowitz. Enterprises therefore do not long for print in its modern form as part of their well-established digital communication, which focuses on email, websites, social media, SEO, etc. 

The approach when XMPie was founded 20 years ago was to create a common framework for print and digital media. And he and his team succeeded! Hundreds and thousands of XMPie users around the world use XMPIe technologies, especially in the context of Adobe solutions. Adobe is seen as the driving force in digital marketing and has never excluded print. 

Nevertheless, there are still concerns to be resolved and also to be reconsidered as to how print service providers, as partners for omnichannel solutions, can better adapt to the language and mindset of digital marketing experts in companies. 

Jacob Aizikowitz's conversation with Andreas Weber will be published shortly on INKISH.TV. Before that, however, the reference to Jacob Aizikowitz's contribution to the discussion with the heading: “Why is Print Not Frequently Used in Enterprise Marketing?”, published by American Printer at the end of October 2020, is well worth reading. 

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