Smart Factory - From Pixel to Output

Presented by: Michael Deflorian, Hans Peter Schneeberger & Paul Davidson

To establish a smart factory a digital mindset and 360-degree business solutions are needed. We present our interpretation of a smart factory with the goal of full automation of repetitive task and a self-optimizing production. The scope is not limited to the digitalization of production and print data workflows or to automate production lines with smart and connected machines but includes the sales process, customer communication and enterprise resource planning.  

To make it tangible, we discuss a potential end-2-end business solution using the example of a personalized face mask and cookie box from the creation of a business idea to the shipped product – from Pixel to Output.

Fri January 22nd

Make great testimonials

First of all, testimonials need to be genuine and honest; otherwise, these will be seen only as a commercial.

Thu January 21st

Agfa press release 21_0...

Agfa intends to reorganize its Offset Solutions activities.

Wed January 20th

Mtc partners with hifl...

MTC describes how HiFlow, an MIS for packaging, helped it gain advantages in the competitive packaging & flexographic market

Comprehensive mis for p...

Hiflow offers tools, technology and expertise specifically designed for packaging, label and flexible packaging companies.

Tue January 19th

Inkish steps up in labe...

The Label- and Flexible packaging market need a source like INKISH...

Fri January 15th

Learn with us · inkjet...

In this Learn With Us event, we will deliver the information you need about the technology, the applications, and the business.

Wed January 13th

Yesgo inaugurates its g...

SGO is First India based Premedia and Prepress house – A Truly Make In India Initiative

Tue January 12th

Rochester software asso...

DPS Magazine calculates its reader's interest in companies throughout the year. The publication publishes the awards, which feature the top

Thu January 7th

Is the pandemic kicksta...

Can the five majors survive this paradigm shift? Well, if they can adapt fast enough to the changes in the market, yes.

Avanti soft proofing

Launch of New Soft Proofing in Slingshot