Learn With Us · INKJET · FEB 15-19th

Inkjet is one of the hottest topics in the global printing industry. In this 'Learn With Us' event, we will deliver the information you need about the technology, the applications, and the business. This event is for PSP's, Converters, brand owners, publishers, and people considering Inkjet as part of their business.

Engagement and Commitment

'Learn With Us' is 100% LIVE, so what you see is what you get. Interviews, presentations, and even showing print samples will inspire and encourage interaction. We have presenters from leading vendors like HP, Canon, Hunkeler, Vpress, Horizon, EFI, AMS, and many more. But we also feature independent specialists like Pat McGrew, Simon Cooper, Marc Freitag, Jean Lloyd, and Morten Reitoft and a wealth of people that openly share their insights!

Many Good reasons to register

So many events - so why should you choose this one?
First of all, we believe the LIVE format is great, and you can always watch everything later, if better for you. However, 'Learn With Us' is a learning experience, and we have extended this in 2021 to include the delivery of physical samples. We also include pre-recorded films from printing companies that have already invested in Inkjet. We are confident that our 'Learn With Us' will do the only thing we intent - to teach!

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Monday February 15th 2021 - All times CET

Welcome to Learn With Us · 10:00

INKJET is one of the hottest topics in the printing industry these days. Inkjet isn't new, but with the latest technology milestones, Inkjet is no longer just an 'add-on' to your printing company, but maybe even a technology that will replace your current equipment. We will present technology, applications, and business during the week, giving you an insight into what Inkjet can do. 

In the VERY first session, we will welcome you, and give you an overview of what sessions we offer, so you can decide which to attend - and which to see later!

See you soon!

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The Benefits of unified Print Production with Fiery Servers 11:00

Control your entire print room from a powerful single shared client interface. Discover the efficiencies and benefits that digital print rooms have never seen before.

In the VERY first session, we will welcome you, and give you an overview of what sessions we offer, so you can decide which to attend - and which to see later!

See you soon!

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Turning your customers into SuperHeroes 12:00

In this session, the founders of THE CRM Agency will explain how they designed and digitally printed, highly personalised SuperHero comics - for their client HackerOne - that included the recipient by name in the evolving story. Ultimately revealing the recipient’s illustrated, digitally printed face in the final frame, and showing them saving the day and becoming their company's hero. This hugely successful lead generation campaign ran in English and French and generated pan-EMEA new business for HackerOne.

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Maximising your direct marketing in print 14:00

Direct mail is the third largest media channel in the UK after TV and digital, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. COVID has seen a great resurgence in brands turning to mail as a trusted way to communicate with clients whilst the majority of people are working from home. But COVID aside, why in this day and age should you still use direct mail as part of your marketing mix and how can you use print to communicate successfully? Join us for an interactive and fun session hosted by The Dragonfly Agency’s Managing Director, Isla Munro who will talk us through the agency process from receiving the original client brief to delivering an engaging mailpack through the letterbox. She will shine a focus on print technologies and opportunities which help to acquire and retain clients.

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Trends, Changes & Solutions 15:00

2020 was supposed to be a drupa year. Although the event did not take place, many vendors announced new inkjet presses that were targeted for the biggest print show on earth.

In this session the inkjet press experts from Inkjet Insight will discuss each of the 2020 launches and announcements in commercial, label and packaging print, compare products and market approaches and talk about the recent trends in inkjet press launches, as well as the recent push for hybrid and bespoke solutions. Attendees can also receive our latest research “Production Inkjet Market Survey on Ink Estimating Solutions.”

Inkjet Insight is the most trusted source for evaluating, optimizing and growing business using inkjet. Say up-to-date by visiting InkjetInsight.com.

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Tuesday February 16th 2021 - All times CET

How COVID-19 has re-focused attention.... 09:00

Marketers are preparing for another tough year in 2021. We are entering into the year uncertain about whether the Covid-driven shifts we’ve seen in consumer buying behaviour and media consumption are permanent, what the medium to long term economic impact of the pandemic will be and where to invest our smaller marketing budgets in order to drive better business outcomes for our brands. Luisa Mazinter, a communications professional and brand marketer of over 26 years will share her insights into the competing pressures Marketers are facing and the tough choices they are having to make in these unprecedented times.

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The next generation of Digital printing ... 10:00

· Market is now established and the opportunity understood for ultra-short runs.
· More industrial and scalable systems are required for more mainstream applications.
· What are the new production capabilities and where are the biggest profit opportunities.

Learn how SCREEN new Truepress PAC830F inkjet digital printing press is set to disrupt the flexible packaging industry with its impressive productivity and high print quality.

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How to choose best printing solution... 11:00

BOBST leads the digitalization of label production with one label portfolio, including narrow flexo printing machines, all-in-one / all-inline solutions (flexo and inkjet), and digital printing presses. 

The innovative Mouvent™️ Cluster technology deployed in BOBST digital portfolio opens new horizons for label converters, combining high-quality printing, high productivity, and the right economics. It is answering the growing demand for short runs, faster time-to-market, versioning, and seasonal products.

Discover how one of our customers in optimizing their production floor with limitless, profitable digital label production.

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Exploring the growth of automation in... 12:00

Join Matt Burton where he’ll talking how automation is dominating the print finishing market and how it’s adoption is an important part of business growth. He’ll cover several aspects of automation from how advances in digital embellishment are enhancing the web to print market to how developments in non stop production are enabling converting lines to run faster whilst also generating less waste.

Q&A Session with Geert Van Damme, CERM.

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Living with Inkjet for label production 13:00

· Inkjet still comes with a health warning in the minds of some what is the reality
· Long term user perspective
· Comparisons and observations with Conventional and Toner systems.
· How have systems improved – introducing the latest generation.

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The Story of My Life 14:00

Programmatic Printing as a gamechanger for high-volume Magazine. Efficient individualization with an innovative integrated 4-color inkjet system in the finishing process.

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The Inkjet Journey and the future 15:00

Few people have been involved more in Inkjet than Randy Vandagriff, and in this session, we get an excellent opportunity to learn from Randy. Randy Vandagriff has led the R&D team at Kodak involved in technologies including Versamark, Kodak Stream, Ultrastream and probably one of the most experienced people in inkjet.

Randy Vandagriff is today, Senior Vice President of Kodak's Digital Print Business. However, in this session, hosts Jean Lloyd and Morten B. Reitoft get the chance to talk to Randy about the history, the present, and, more importantly, the future of inkjet.

Everybody talks about inkjet replacing analog technologies. Are we there yet, or what will be the most critical technical and business developments to get there?

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Flexo, inkjet or both? How hybrid offers the best... 16:00

Flexo and digital have long been thought of as competing technologies. But at MPS, we believe they should be seen as complementary technologies.

Learn how hybrid printing combines the strengths of flexo and digital inkjet printing. But when is hybrid the right solution? In this session, Hans Poortinga – Manager MPS Technology & Expertise Center – explains when to choose for flexo, digital or hybrid.

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Wednesday February 17th 2021 - All times CET

Rethinking - Necessary 09:00

The presentation should briefly show where the necessity comes from that offset printers already have to change today and how digital printing technologies (inkjet) can support this change. It should also show where the challenges were and where we are today with this decision.

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Revolutionize the Commercial Print industry 10:00

Just a year ago HP announced the PageWide Web Press T250 HD with revolutionary Brilliant ink. The commercial printing industry in Europe has been quick to adopt this solution. Please join HP and our customer Simon Cooper, GM of Solopress, to hear more about how the T250HD is changing Commercial Print and the role its playing in helping Solopress to revolutionize their business.

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High speed, continuous feed inkjet – is now the time... 11:00

· Quality, Speed and range of substrates has increased dramatically
· Reliability and consistency is excellent & running costs have come down
· Is now the time to start to migrate from conventional presses?
· What are the challenges and hurdles? Where are the biggest opportunities?

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Transition your business with inkjet... 12:00

Companies in the printing industry are currently being confronted with different trends in the market, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some examples are: shorter delivery times, need to offer a wider range of products, more jobs/shorter runs, consolidation. Explore the requirements of a post-COVID printing operation and gain valuable insights into the latest inkjet innovations that are redefining the way companies are manufacturing print.

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Inkjet the time is now, a practical insight 13:00

Is inkjet a valid technology for offset to digital conversion?

Ricoh's Eef de Ridder will, together with a customer, discuss this topic.

Followed by Sander Sondaal and yet another customer, the conversation continues with what to consider when investing in High-Speed inkjet?

And finally, Mark Hinder about how to generate business with inkjet.

Deep insights and valuable learning.

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Pivoting in a Changing World 14:00

As a result of the pandemic, shopping went online, handshakes become waves, and people stayed home such that trips to the mailbox became the most exciting part of the day. Companies were forced to rethink how to stay connected to their customers. Explore how digital print offers the flexibility to adapt & thrive in an ever-changing world. ​

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A match for all businesses, powered by innovation 15:00

Inkjet technology is revolutionising the production print market and the production print industry has been in search of productive and reliable products, both of which are synonymous with the Kyocera brand.

This makes us confident that the TASKalfa Pro 15000c will not disappoint as a unique business partner, no matter the company size, especially in consideration of this device’s small footprint, affordability, and exceptional productivity. Just ask the European Digital Press Association’s panel of experts who have just awarded this innovative device with the Best in Colour for SRA3.

In this session, we will introduce you to our latest flagship product, a truly innovative and technologically advanced device that supports an array of media types and is kind on the environment with its low energy consumption.

Let us welcome you to your brighter tomorrow.
For more information on Kyocera’s latest inkjet device, click on this link.

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Reinventing publishing with inkjet 16:00

The publishing industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. For book printers, being able to produce short runs of books with a rapid turnaround time is becoming the basis of this success. Join us to find out why more than half of inkjet printed books are produced on HP presses and how HP is working to help the publishing industry to reinvent itself.

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Thursday February 18th 2021 - All times CET

Online opportunities and Inkjet 10:00

At Vpress we partner with customers and enable them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. To do so, you need advanced and robust Web to Print, eCommerce and automation solutions – that can be seamlessly integrated into your business with full training and support – to ensure it remains competitive and on a path to growth. During this event, we will be presenting the ways Coreprint, the Web-to-Print platform from Vpress, can be utilised to grow the Inkjet side of your business continuously and sustainably.

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6 reasons that can stop your inkjet press from running... 11:00

During this session, we will pinpoint the main bottlenecks in print production, and we will share how our customers overcome these through different levels of automation.

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Don’t get left at the Station! 12:00

The train is rolling. If you are convinced that inkjet is the future, why not join us and learn how you can optimise the result and make the print run efficient. Let us share our experience on working with hundreds of applications and printers worldwide and help you to find the correct paper for your customer’s job.

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Prepare for tomorrow, by taking control today 13:00

2020 taught us many things – but for those in the print industry it showed that companies need to be able to pivot, change and evolve. This only really comes from implementing technology and systems that are flexible, mature and protect your investment, allowing you that room to move and grow.

Understand how to Future-proof your business by adding value to print with Xerox's XMPie personalisation platform. Do more than ad hoc static print jobs. Expand into new and lucrative services by providing beautifully designed, data-driven communications, reduce workload and processes and provide you real opportunities to grow, unifying print and digital media.

Solve the problems of today, while planning and protecting for the future.

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How Post-Composition Print Tools will Drive..... 14:00

It is a new year and you are looking for that edge as a Print Service Provider (PSP). You may even consider yourself a Marketing Service Provider (MSP). In any case, you need fresh ideas for how to drive success for your operations through optimisation, remote working and, ultimately, cost savings. For your offerings, your print shop needs to take more orders into the print workflow. That work needs to have personalisation as an option and the security of tracking and reporting to ensure it is delivered. More than delivery, you also need a process that ensures billing accuracy, so none of your print shop profits stays on the table.  

In 2021, the way to drive your print shop’s boost in success can come from an unlikely player—post-composition print workflow solutions. We invite you to join a lively discussion with the mission to benefit Print Service Providers (PSPs) and their associated print shops. By taking on the right tools and making sure that those tools can grow and shrink easily with your needs, the door to new opportunities is set to open.

Analysts tell us that these themes will endure throughout 2021: 

· larger number of orders with smaller quantities 
· need for personalisation
· requirement for fast production and delivery
· requirement for competitive pricing. 

To support your customers, your print shop will need to be at the top of its optimisation game. You will need to have your cost savings strategy dialled in. We believe you will want to leverage post-composition print workflow tools so you can improve print-ready files coming in from customers. Moreover, we believe having a great relationship with experts in this area will bring you less stress and boost your success.

Join us for the conversation and accelerate your 2021 print shop success.

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Print Sample TV · LIVE 15:00

Print Sample TV is by far one of our most seen recurring 'shows' on INKISH.TV and with Pat McGrew as the anchor, you are guaranteed entertainment, engagement, and learning on a level that can only inspire.

In this special edition, Pat McGrew will review and comment on print samples delivered from the speakers at our Learn With Us · Inkjet event LIVE from Aurora.

Stay tuned for a great show!

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Friday February 19th 2021 - All times CET

Live Demo! Inkjet print to book production.. 10:00

Live from Horizon Innovation Park in Japan, Horizon will take you to their showroom floor to demonstrate the Inkjet Press Inline Book Production System. With only a single operator, the demonstration will showcase the SCREEN Truepress Jet 520 HD Mono and inline Horizon Smart Binding System producing variable page count books using the latest in print finishing automation. During production, attendees will be able to see the efficient, labor-saving benefits of inline finishing solutions that are ready to increase the profitability of their production floor today.

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Hunkeler Digital Print Finishing Solutions 4.0 ... 11:00

Beltz Graphische Betriebe, located in Bad Langensalza (between Kassel and Leipzig) is a 180 year old family owned and managed company. With a 2.5 million Euro investment into digital printing and digital print finishing equipment from Hunkeler the company optimized its production process for short run soft- and hardcover books.

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Don't forget about the finishing... 12:00

Whether in offset or digital printing: the production process of a print product does not end with printing. Suitable finishing equipment contributes significantly to the added value of the final product. The market demands finishing solutions that keep pace with the variability, format diversity and output of modern inkjet systems in an industrial scale. We present various solutions and business cases for softcover, hardcover and magazine production that fully meet the requirements of individualized mass production in an industrial environment - in line to the Muller Martini strategy of "Finishing 4.0".

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Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series... 13:00

Nigel Tracey discusses digital enhancement developments, value and ROI of the Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series of B1 and B2 Presses.

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MBO’s Roll Fed Inkjet Finishing Solutions... 15:00

Folding solutions for the sheetfed offset, commercial print market, has been the core business model at MBO for over 50 years. 14 years ago MBO added additional modules to their portfolio allowing them to offer world class roll fed Inkjet print finishing solutions to the changing commercial print market. The same great folders and direct mail modules that serve the commercial print market, can be directly fed from a sheeted roll. In the recent years MBO has found great success in the high end commercial print, marketing asset, book and mailing segments. Our specialty is being able to build folding and finishing systems that provide one-step total finishing. Join us to learn of our most successful system configurations, along with the newest modules capable of embellishing the web prior to final folding and cutting.

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