Learn With Us · Sell Print Online · FREE

Learn With Us is our learning/webinar platform - and with our next Learn With Us · Sell Print Online, we will push boundaries - AGAIN.

This is a 100% free opportunity for web-to-print solution providers to show your solution in an engaging LIVE format. There is NO cost - but we have requirements that MUST be complied with to get your free seat! 

The event is free for both presenters, sponsors, and attendees.

The Format 

No web-to-print solution is the same, but we would like these topics to be covered in your demonstration. 

- How to add/create a new product and what type of products your solution supports! 
- How to manage, i.e., paper, product options, and complex combinations of variables
- How to manage product prices How your solution integrates with other solutions (MIS, Zapier, ERP)
- Design/templates if applicable - show how these works and how you create templates!
- The three most important KPI’s that makes your solution the best option in your mind!

You have total freedom, but we believe that the above six topics are good, important, and comparable for a PSP to learn from.

The Event

Learn With Us · Sell Print Online takes place April 20th-22nd, 2021, from 10:00 to 16:00 CET.
Your session lasts 59 minutes - where the first 5-10 minutes is an introduction to who you are and what you offer. Then you have 30 minutes to present your solution. Finally, we have an open Q&A where attendees can ask questions. The event is LIVE, and we do not accept PowerPoints/presentations or pre-recorded demos. 

This is a LIVE show-and-tell event. All the sessions will be recorded and made available on INKISH.TV after the event.

You will get a physical copy of the recording to push in your channels. We will promote the event on INKISH and on LinkedIn.


As mentioned - this is free - or almost!

Participation in the event, however, requires the following:
- You must register in full on INKISH.NEWS
- You must publish an article on INKISH.NEWS - for free, delivered to our 20,000+ subscribers.
- You must agree/comply with the six topics to cover + doing it LIVE.
- You must market YOUR participation in the event on your website and your SoMe channels
- You must promote participation as PAID marketing using the logo/banners delivered by INKISH.

How to get on board!

Register your name/company on INKISH.NEWS
When you have done so, please send an email to webtoprint@inkish.tv
In the mail, you confirm:
1) That you will present the six topics + your demo will be done LIVE
2) You will acknowledge writing an article about your solution + delivery date!
3) You will provide the following information in TXT format:
- Headline of your presentation (max 100 characters)
- Description of what you will present
- Photos, names, emails of the presenter(s)
- up to four speakers MAX.
- Company logo + min. one screenshot
4) Your preferred time slot for your presentation (all starting on the hour.) We will within 24-hours confirm your slot and provide graphics, signup/registration details.

When you have sent proof of your participation's online marketing - your slot has been secured and we will confirm!

Optional services and deadline

See the attached PDF ‘The INKISH Virtual Kit’
Deadline The sooner, the better. We have a limited number of spots (18) - so when "sold" out, we don't have any further options.

The absolute deadline to signup as a speaker/presenter is Friday, March 19th, 2021.
This will give us plenty of time to promote the event to ensure as many attendees as possible!


Fell free to contact us at any time - looking forward to see you!