Print Media Centr Launches 10-hour, Online Conference for International Print Day to Coincide with Print Across America on October 25, 2023

THE PRINTERVERSE - Two print industry milestone events hosted and produced by Print Media Centr are scheduled for October 25th. 

· Print professionals around the world will share printspiration, knowledge, market trends and create global networking opportunities in celebration of International Print Day using the hashtag #IPD23 across their social media channels. This year’s theme is #PrintConnects and represents how print creates engagement and connects people around the world. internationalprintday.org 

· A free, online conference to celebrate International Print Day and to support the mission of Print Across America is also scheduled for October 25. The 10-hour event features speakers from around the world and topics for print professionals and enthusiasts. printacrossamerica.com    

International Print Day 2023: Details   

The print industry is preparing to trend the planet again through 24 hours of social media sharing on International Print Day 2023 using the hashtags #IPD23 and #PrintConnects in support of this year’s theme. The annual celebration gets underway in the U.S. at 6 pm Eastern Time on October 24 and finishes 24 hours later at 6 pm Eastern on October 25 so all time zones can participate and help print trend the planet.   Last year’s event generated more than 16 million impressions, with almost 200 million impressions for the International Print Day hashtags recorded to date.   

This year, Print Media Centr is adding a free, 10-hour online conference to the celebration. from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. A mix of topics, speakers, and attendee participation throughout the event will keep it engaging and fun.   Attendees will also experience live broadcasts from Print Across America open house events at print, packaging and sign businesses from coast to coast – and Canada, too.   

“International Print Day comes once a year, but the impact of a successful customer, student, and community engagement can have a positive and lasting effect,” said Deborah Corn, founder of International Print Day, Print Across America, and the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr. “The #IPD23 conference provides educational and printspirational support for Print Across America open house events, and truly illustrates how ‘print connects’ all of us – even through an online conference.”   

Sponsors of the International Print Day Conference and industry partners have also contributed topical content for print enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Printing files for the robust Conference Program designed by Christine Alexander, Owner, and Chief Design Nut at Creative Squirrel Studio will be made available for download on the website by October 16, and the back cover left open for printers to add their information. The program will also be converted into an interactive publication by BlueToad and shared online.   

“Printers having open house events for Print Across America or wanting to share cool content with their customers and brand it to their business are encouraged to download the program files and show off their capabilities while creating more print fans in the process,” said Corn. “The interactive version will include a digital bridge to more content, videos, podcasts, and information about our partners. It will also contain a message board where everyone can share a print-positive message to the industry, a link to their website, and get global exposure in the process supporting our #PrintConnects theme even further.”   

Learn more about #IPD23, register for the conference, and download the official International Print Day poster by Craig Bower at internationalprintday.org      


About International Print Day 

International Print Day is an annual celebration of the global print industry providing education through a 10-hr online conference and 24 hours of open knowledge sharing on social media. The day provides participants with access to a wealth of information on global companies, products, and services from the print and integrated marketing community, and serves as a platform for global networking opportunities. Learn more at internationalprintday.org   

About Print Across America 

Print Across America’s mission is to facilitate, foster and support open house events and create a unified celebration of print. The initiative was developed to create engagement with University Graphic Communications Programs, Technical Programs, print customers and prospects, local B2B business owners and potential job candidates. The goal is to provide education about products and services, cultivate new business, assist with workforce development, highlight the power of print and how it generates results. Learn more at printacrossamerica.com   

About Print Media Centr 

Print Media Centr provides printspiration and resources to its vast network of print and marketing professionals through education, events, Podcasts from The Printerverse, ProjectPeacock.TV, Girls Who Print, Print Across America and an array of community lifting initiatives. Print Media Centr also works with printers, suppliers and industry organizations to help them create more stronger and meaningful relationships with customers and lasting relationships with members. 

 Visit printmediacentr.com and connect with The Printerverse.

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