Efficiency at its peak: DesignNBuy Hosts Webinar on All-in-one Web2Print V5.1 Release

DesignNBuy,​ a leading name​ in web to print solutions, invites industry professionals​ to​ an insightful webinar​ оn January 23, 2024, showcasing their latest release, All-in-one Web2Print 5.1.   

The event will take place​ at 11:00​ AM CST for (USA, Canada) and 10:30​ AM CET (Europe and other parts of the world), providing​ a comprehensive walkthrough​ оf the revolutionary features that promise​ to elevate your print business​ to new heights. 

This webinar offers a strategic approach to overcoming these hurdles in​ a world where slow quoting, pricing inaccuracies, and​ a cumbersome sales cycle are common challenges. Participants will gain valuable insights into the power​ of intelligent quoting and its transformative impact​ on the print industry. 

 Key takeaways from the webinar include:   

 ●     Streamlined Quote-to-Order Process: Slash quote creation time​ by 30% with​ an efficient and user-friendly process. 

 ●     Error Reduction: Eliminate 80%​оf quote errors through pre-populated data and automated calculations. 

 ●     Time Optimization: Free​ up 20%​оf your sales team's time for building relationships and closing deals. 

 ●     Accelerated Sales Cycle: Shorten your sales cycle​ by​ 2 weeks with​ a streamlined quote-to-order process. 

 ●     InDesign​ tо Web2Print Integration: Learn how​ tо convert InDesign into templates and seamlessly publish them​ оn your Web2Print Portal. 

 ●     Efficient Product Addition: Discover techniques for faster product addition​ оn your print portal.   

 This webinar caters to: 

 ●     Print Shop Owners 

 ●     Packaging Companies 

 ●     Wide-format Printers 

 ●     Trade Printers   

 To register and secure your spot: 

USA and Canada: Register Now 

Europe and Other Parts of the Globe: Register Now   

 Attendees will have the opportunity to:   

Learn from industry experts about the latest quoting technologies. 

Witness real-world examples​ оf successful implementations. 

Acquire actionable tips and strategies​ to implement intelligent quoting​ in their organizations. 

Register now for this free webinar and embark​on​ a journey​ to quote smarter, sell faster, and achieve your business goals. Don't miss out​ on the chance​ to stay ahead​ in the competitive print industry.   

Visit for more information: https://www.designnbuy.com/all-in-one-designer-html5.html   

 Source: https://whattheythink.com/news/117847-efficiency-peak-designnbuy-hosts-webinar-all-one-web2print-51-release/

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